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    [Tinhte] HTML5 Uploader (Unmaintained)

    For your second bullet, seems to be the similar to what I experinced
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    XF 1.5 Improvements to notices

    The notices look awesome. Now we will really start using them
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    XF 1.5 Thread Tagging

    Great addition, looking forward to 1.5 Hoping some skilled developer are eager to build a Widget for the tag cloud as well :)
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    Swedish language pack

    Hi here, Sorry for late replay. I will look on the phrase you mentioned and will launch it with the 1.4.7 update. The translation is neutral but with regards to cookies and the law that governs the site it referees to Swedish / EU laws
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    Lack of interest Use Favicon.js to display the number of notifications in the favicon

    This add-on from @Chris D works extremely well (Forum powered by xenForo with LiveUpdate to the left and official xenForo site to the right)
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    Fixed SMF Importer bug reports

    I did not end up using the suggestion @Jake Bunce gave ,, but this perhaps may help you @leemy
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    Fixed SMF Importer bug reports

    After our migration from SMF (pre-dates the availability of the SMF Importer) we found some inconsistency in the posts. Initially I used SQL directly towards the DB but eventually I got the tip to use the attached tool. Worked very well and helped clean up the posts...
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    Unmaintained Swedish language pack - Updated version for Xenforo 1.4.3

    Support for Xenforo 1.4.3 New translated phrases Any feedback/contributions to the translation appreciated
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    Swedish language pack

    shorepower updated Swedish language pack with a new update entry: Updated version for Xenforo 1.4.3 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    XF 1.4 SMF 2.0 to XF 1.4

    The &nbsp problem also occurred in the SMF - phpBB migration tool that I used as the first step in my two phased migration from SMF - You also need to update the conversation messages as they also contains &nbsp. I...
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    Implemented Attachment editor - Plupload (HTML5 Uploader)

    There is a HTML5 add-on that @Dinh Thanh developed and which works fairly well. It's based on plupload and the few glitches that exist should hopefully be easily fixed.
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    [Tinhte] HTML5 Uploader (Unmaintained)

    Same as this problems perhaps?
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    Implemented SMF 2.0 to Xenforo Converter

    Nice one. As I stated many times before, moving from SMF to Xenforo is one of the better choices we made for our forum site.
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    Congratulations Chris Deeming and XenForo

    Got that, but still think Live Update should be part of the core so just making a point :-). Add-ons or not, great addition to the team.
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    Congratulations Chris Deeming and XenForo

    Great stuff. Congrats to both @Chris D and Xenforo. Also looking forward to see Live Update as part of the core product :-)