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    Best Virus Protection 2016

    This, Eset Nod32 (although admittedly I'm on v9). Lightweight, good and never had an issue with it in all these years.
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    What do you think of Windows 10?

    Just tested: on my Windows 7 machine it opens pretty much instantly (less than 0,5 seconds anyway) without any sort of loading screen. So I don't think so.
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    Hitspark Interactive

    It looks pretty good honestly, and makes me interested in your games. The portal adds a lot to the experience as well.
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    my site won't load on my wifi but all other sites work

    You could do some ping & traceroute tests to your site to see what's happening along the road, especially comparing the results of when it is and isn't working. Also, trying to connect to your site through the IP address rather than URL to check if the DNS is the issue might not be a bad idea.
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    Have ads ruined the internet?

    Yet Steam, Netflix and Spotify are among some of the most popular webservices there are and they are all paid (well I guess Spotify has a free mode, but still). Television is still found in most houses as well.
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    Have ads ruined the internet?

    I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. Ads got obnoxious way before adblockers ever existed. Also, if websites are so sure they are worth money, why not make it accessible if you pay only? (which I think sbj is aiming at). I think it'd probably massively fail, but at least you'll know...
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    Have ads ruined the internet?

    Or donations. Or funding from investors.
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    Have ads ruined the internet?

    I'm pretty sure I didn't visit their website, or buy their magazine, or watch television for the ads. They get shoved in my face. For webpages specifically you have a point to a degree (although if I visit forums, youtube, etc. I don't really come for them, but for the user uploaded content that...
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    Have ads ruined the internet?

    If a company calls you out of nowhere to sell you their product, will you listen to their offer? If someone stops you on the middle of the street to give a sales speach, or rings your doorbell to sell you stuff, do you listen then? If not, why not? I mean, they're trying to sell, they're just...
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    Have ads ruined the internet?

    It started with small ads that were obviously ads, usually just some text with some links. Then they figured that random obvious advertisement that you could easily skip wasn't selling too well, so they started increasing blending it in with the webpage, making it more based on what they think...
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    It has been 5 years of the XenForo Community

    5 years.. wow. Sador Joined: Jul 29, 2010 I still hold account ID 163 (and was annoyed with myself I didn't get a top 100 one :P) which I think is kinda cool. Congratulations XenForo and their devs, it's good to see it's still going strong.
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    Hence, Realise & Dollars

    Quite a few digital goods are in multiple currencies, often at least dollars and euros. hence 1. as a consequence; for this reason. "many vehicle journeys (and hence a lot of pollution) would be saved" synonyms: in consequence, consequently, as a consequence, for this reason...
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    Digitalpoint CSS Disappeared

    Seems solved for me. That said, it's interesting that cloudflare has issues with one browser but not the other (using the same IP etc.).
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    Digitalpoint CSS Disappeared

    To make it a bit more interesting: I have the same issue, but only on FireFox, Chrome an IE are fine. So that does seem to point to a cache issue (as I only occasionally visit your site and only on FireFox), although I've never had the issue before. However, I'm not using Virgin Media, I'm not...
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    Viglink is evil

    I wouldn't use Vigilinks, but I also don't like "normal transparent ads" as a user. They're often obnoxious, with way too many of them, in all the wrong places. There's nothing wrong with people making money and I understand why ads are used, but just because they are generally more accepted...