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    Blackend *6* Color Variations

    This is my first XenForo style, I just made it live on my site. I have never really been a fan of dark themes, and I never imagined I'd use one. But, that being said, it "fits" perfectly, and looks great. Really nice job! :-)
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    [XFR] BoardNotices - advanced notice system

    Wow, you read my mind. This is the ONE thing that I was missing from my previous system... and now life is complete! Thanks!
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    Tutorial: Sub Forum Grid Listing...

    Hi Guys, I think this edit is great. I'm by no means a designer, so the fact that I found it easy is saying something. :) Three quick questions... On my site, the sub-forums "box" extends just a little further than the latest message boxes in the previous and next forums... not a big deal, but...
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    Alternating colors?

    Hi everyone, I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on purchasing XenForo... it seems to be a perfect fit for a new community site I'm rolling out. And I've been really impressed with the community here... everyone seems so friendly and helpful! I have one quick question... (please keep in mind...