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    Do you have a process for a successor license holder?

    It's good to be prepared and this matters for things like domain names. But so long as you have access to the domain name and the database, not having access to the original Xenforo license will not stop the site from running, legally or otherwise so long as you address the situation...
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    XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration [Paid]

    It's WP with WooCommerce and at the moment Printful although that part should hopefully not matter too much. Ideally worst case scenario I only want to allow people registered on our site to be able to create accounts on the WP site. At the moment it's undecided if we want to sell to the public...
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    XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration [Paid]

    I ran out and bought this a little too fast I suppose. With Xenforo 2.2 wouldn't it be pretty easy for you to Auth existing xenforo users, create a passwordless WP account the first time they do and then login them in using that same auth api every time? We want to add a store for our Xenforo...
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    XF 2.2 Moving 2.x installtion between servers causes 503 error. Fixed by rebuilding master?

    So while the solution ended up being something simple. I would love to know the cause. We had a XF 2.0 install running on CentOS 7.9, PHP 7.2 with NGINX. I moved it to a test server running AlmaLinux 8.4 (PHP 7.4) and even after downgrading PHP versions to 7.2 I was getting a 503 on the main...
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    Are you still using PHP 5.x? Why?

    Checking my various servers for updates. Noticed PHP 7.4 is out. Probably going 7.4 on all my servers 7.3 on client. But I went to check on the VPS that ran the website for my wedding like 2 years ago. Upgraded CentOS. Went to upgrade the wordpress installation and its like you can't upgrade...
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    Holy crap I should probably change my password.

    I couldn't remember my new password while on the train so Chris already got to it. Reading the announcement on the reasons for 2.2 delays described to me when to expect such a change. Which would be after the front end is updated or redesigned to run on the Xenforo 2 framework.
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    Holy crap I should probably change my password.

    So I have been inactive in anything Xenforo related for some time. After checking the status of my clients licence I figured I would log into mine for giggles. Uh Saturday every other minute as in THIS Saturday? Oh crap that wasn't me. I mean the good news is it's not like I had even the...
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    Fixed Server Environmental report doesn't return MariaDB version

    This has happened in other software. Usually with Maria DB reporting it's version as 5.5.5-10.1.36-MariaDB to the interface.
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    XF 1.5 My mods can't see a members profile...?

    I believe there are 2 settings that prevent such an issue. One is the setting that prevents usrrs from blocking staff. The other one would be granting moderators the permission to bypass privacy settings.
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    Beware meat spammers from Serbia

    Since I have no fresh meat here is a couple of screen shots from a time Vietnamese traffic became an issue. As you say right now you are seeing normal user names that blend in. I had that issue as well from Pakistan. One of the patterns though was they were always a 23 year old female. These...
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    Beware meat spammers from Serbia

    It only prevents registration not viewing using or logging in. Which for some people is an issue. For us it's a plus. Because if they aren't a spammer it's always someone using Tor or a VPN to rage after a ban. It's configurable. You can auto reject or moderate or use a score. The default...
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    Beware meat spammers from Serbia

    If you don't mind blocking most VPN users from registering (not logging in etc). All of that proxy server carried spam is easily gotten rid of. Using TPU Detect Spam I block any data center related traffic by host name or asn when it becomes a source. The only possible people are affected are...
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    XF 2.0 I'm fed up with spammers posting 500 posts a day on xenForo

    Have you analyzed where the spam is coming from? What country, what hosts? Still on 1.5.x here using and since we have no legitimate Pakistani or Indian traffic blocking the one ISP in each country that...
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    URJET sold out to Homepage Universe?

    That's not an unheard of price for a MANAGED VPS. Linode for example would tack 100 a month onto any plan for managed last I checked. Generally a cheap managed VPS starts around 60 or so. If you need help often it sure beats paying someone a 100 an hour to configure or fix things.
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    Will I be able to remove the period/full stop/dot and number, eg.(.3405) from SEO URL's?

    Why on Earth would a user need to remember the numbers? To a username? You start typing the username in search and when it pops up, done. Who the hell is manually writing out URLs to find a user? As far as the name changing to a number in tags. Sucks a little but overall here is the thing...