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    Category Name In URLs

    this is a must for XenForo board to be able to listed on google news right? currently you can't add to google news, because the post itself does not have categorynode.999 on the url.
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    XF 1.5 Extra Sitemap URLs. any example?

    so, XenForo have box for "Extra Sitemap URLs". but what is the proper url? any example? my xenforo is on i have that redirects to can i add to the extra url? or i must use...
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    CTA Featured Threads & Portal [Paid]

    hmm, anybody got hit by a bug where un-slider-ed post wont appear in slider after re-adding it to slider? so for example: 1. slider was set to 3 post 2. now add new 4th post to slider 3. now remove the 4th post from slider the result will be, the slider only showng 2 posts :( when i added the...
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    XF 1.5 "New Post" sidebar on Thread view shows no data?

    actually i added it not manually using html but using xenforo's "include template" just like it was on forum index. i guess ill look for the index template again, looking for which one is the code for gathering data for the widget.
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    CTA Featured Threads & Portal [Paid]

    hello, i want to move the slider to above navigation or under navigation. I have edited PAGE_CONTAINER and put <xen:include template="cta_featuredthreads_slider" />. it do put the "div" right there, but the slider is not showing (as if there were no data). any idea what i should do? thank...
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    XF 1.5 "New Post" sidebar on Thread view shows no data?

    Hello, i added "New Post" sidebar to the thread view but as you can see, it shows no data and other stuf like statistics shows 0 (zero). It seems its missing something to be "called" before it call the sidebar...
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    CTA Featured Threads & Portal [Paid]

    nevermind, it was the permission that was not set to allow:D EDIT: sorry, its only the manual featuring that works. auto featuring not works despite i select "all threads" as criteria.
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    CTA Featured Threads & Portal [Paid]

    i installed this, turned on auto featuring, selected the forum, use "all threads" as criteria. and enabled "featured thread page". but i cant access the featured thread page at all. going to goes to error not found. the links also did not appear on nav. its...
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    XF 1.5 Xenforo can hide other's thread, but how to make attachment still accessible to all?

    hello, using the forum usergroup permission, i can set "view other's thread" to "revoke" and the forum will only shows your own threads. but this makes the attachment also only available to yourself. I wonder, how to make the attachment accessible to everybody while keeping the "view other's...
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    Live Feed

    weird, this have no effect at all for me. it should make the "new post" auto update right?
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    XF 1.5 Help with email delivery/spam!!! Tried so much already...

    Same, email verification from. Xenforo keep getting thrown to spam.
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    XF 1.5 Facebook picture is missing on share box despite opengraph works with this page the result as you can see, the tags and images, everything is fine and opengraph can grab them. But scroll down and see the share preview, it is MISSING...
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    XF 1.2 Get full link of attachment in template

    Ok found the fix replace {xen:helper fullurl, $attachment.thumbnailUrl, 1} with {xen:link full:attachments, $attachment} then use this routing
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    XF 1.2 Get full link of attachment in template

    wow, since 2013 and no reply. now 2015 and i got the same problem as you. I need to get fullURL instead of thumburl
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    XF 1.5 Correct time but wrong (see screenshot, i dont know how to say this in english)

    So... i attached the screenshot. as you can see, Xenforo have correct time but it displayed wrong. It says "Yesterday" although its still the same day. what happened here? im confused. thank you.