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    Russia hit by meteor.

    it's all more serious than we expected...
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    Spam IDs & their spam threads - how to delete altogether?

    Having 500 spambots registered - how to delete them all via administrative panel? I currently have to delete them one by one - that means reloaded page every time and searches again. After an hour of such a battle I defeat. How to mark all the spambots in the ID list and delete them in one step...
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    XF 1.0 Cleaning-Up Spam

    Please, let me know how to wipe out 1000 spammers accounts without clicking one by one!
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    Facebook pics repost?

    Is it possible to make an automatic repost of the forum pictures, when users create a topic and puts a shot as a title picture in his topic, to the Facebook fans page? That seems to be the most effective traffic attraction method for the new forums. e.g. XenPortal takes the main picture in the...
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    Prefixes for 50 countries ?

    i don't say the same I say similar - country-specific perhaps it can be solved via prefixes
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    Prefixes for 50 countries ?

    The similar question What's the best way to arrange multilanguage forum? e.g. automotive - mazda or vw discussions are to be for the different languages. How does it go with the licensing? A new forum installation for a new language? hmm, white noise in my head...
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    Add-on XF Classifieds

    I've had to buy Probidphp board, because the author sends no news upon the project - seems to be a dead end. Now think about the integration. p.s. I delayed my project to November and time's run out.
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    Add-on XF Classifieds

    cmon, it's november, do i have a chance for to use the board
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    Add-on XF Classifieds

    prepared money and waiting i'd like to make Russian translation immediately on my own as a prof. linguist - better to have lang file prior to the release
  10. Ra skins now available

    anything is on? i still need it
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    [Paid] Classifieds

    Oh, thanks a lot! I hope so before my jobs have eaten me and I have no time for the project.. then I would ask for a custom design for that xf-classifieds
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    [Paid] Classifieds

    Task: Classifieds script bridged to Xenforo Means: any except illegal or pet kill Planned: 10'000 visitors daily Language: English + preparation to future place other languages as translation files Basic description: The board of classifieds for the used machinery must contain specific fields...
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    Are forum communities obsolete?

    as to follow the idea mentioned by somebody - found the site exactly describing the processes in the web. The company site with no "products" or "services" pages. Just a contact page saying - whatever you want to nknow about waht we do - go to the facebook :D
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    Facepalm smilies in the basic set - do we need it?))

    alright thank you :D
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    Facepalm smilies in the basic set - do we need it?))

    ok, my brain must be severely damaged with the Russian tough frost )