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    Vbulletin 3.6xx to XenForo

    1. you could do that with conditionals, or with one of several addons that make it easier. 2. it's built into the software 3. probably, but I've not converted from 3.6 so dunno 4. no, but I think there is an addon to do that but I've not used it 5. there's an addon that adds noindex based on...
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    Is it possible for users to let choose "Messages per page"?

    Just had a request for this feature from a member on my forums and thought I'd bump this to see if it might be considered for XF 2.0. thanks :)
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    The evolution of CTA Featured Threads & Portal. What's next?

    That's been my experience too. On for example, I'll sometimes dig in and feature a thread from years ago, and within a few minutes that thread will be an active discussion again. Dunno if that would apply to a lot of forums though, the good content on my forum is pretty timeless.
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    Add-on Quizes

    I'm looking for a Quiz addon. I liked the direction that MicroQuiz was going in, unfortunately that ended in disaster. I'd like something similar to it, I especially liked how it let you choose which usergroups could create their own quiz. A couple things I'd want to it too, the ability for...
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    Gobsmacked at how unusable ReCaptcha is

    I don't think any of the captchas make a bit of difference against the spammers.
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    Xen Notices [Paid]

    Thanks! That'll do exactly what I want. :)
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    Xen Notices [Paid]

    Is there any way to change the placement? I'm wanting the notices dead center on the screen, not hidden away in a corner. Also, would be neat to be able to set placement per-notification, individually not all.
  8. petertdavis - New York Yankees Community Forum

    Nice looking site. Is that Brogan's Featured Threads addon on the front end? IMO, the only thing you have to work on now is getting active members, the site looks really nice how it is.
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    Fake User Sign-Ups

    CAPTCHA doesn't seem to have much of an impact on spammers. Bot spam and manual spam seem to get through CAPTCHA easier than real members. At least for the demographic my forums serve. CAPTCHA is more of a nuisance. You could try blocking certain countries, like Pakistan for example, I get a...
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    Congratulations Chris Deeming and XenForo

    I think this is good news. Still a bit shocked, to be honest! Congrats Chris, and a question.... does this mean you're going to be working on the core Xenforo for 2.0 too?
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    New Communities: Are the Fundamentals Still Enough?

    When you say you're not seeing any "growth" could you explain what metric you're measuring? Is it traffic to the site? New members in the forum? Posts per day in the forum? Something else?
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    Nice work Brent.
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    Photographic forum - Need Help getting it going

    Another suggestion..... when you're trying to break into a competitive market like that, instead of trying to cover every single aspect of the market and doing none very well, try to go after a single niche of the market and be the best resource available in that one thing. Pick any one of your...
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    Why does XF not hire developers or raise VC fund?

    The only thing in this thread that made sense to me was the guy who said put some more attention to the importers. Certainly having more and better importers will help XF win more market share. AFAIK, there's no importer for SMF yet, as an example.
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    [Suggestion] A more graduated ignore system

    Just saw your post here @eternaleye and was thinking now we're two years down the road with XF 2.0 being planned, perhaps it is time to bring this up again for @Mike and @Kier to have a look at it.