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    What about of BurningBoard from WoltLab?
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    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Recommended posts.

    Yes something like that.
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    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Moderation idea

    Hi, what if there is a part of the forum that shows a public moderation history of deleted posts and banned users. Something like: Post/User Action Moderator Reason Patrizier(user) Banned XXXXXX Spamming. Star Wars Deleted XXXXXX...
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    Duplicate Drafts

    Sometimes i write long posts and my firefox got crashed.... so.... i cut my head off me, and start writing again. So when a user is creating a post a draft should be created every X minutes and deleted when the post is posted, also it could be cool to save those drafts.
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    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Recommended posts.

    I thing that users should have the ability to recommend a post to his followers. Example: I liked John's post, so i recommend it to my followers. Greetings!
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    Duplicate Spoilers

    Hello, As you may know it's something very useful. Is a little annoying to do this -> Spoiler (select the text) > Darth Vader is Luke's father. Hope an answer.
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    XF 1.0 Moderation Tools

    Good work mates.