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    Not a bug Post Report Error Due To Thread Title Character Limit

    We had an addon that sets the minimum and maximum limits for thread title characters which causes the error. We've tried similar addons but all of them return post reporting error so we've decided not to use such addon anymore.
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    XenForo Redirects for vBulletin

    Does this work for different domains? VB is domainone.ext and XF is domaintwo.ext
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    Ignore Content [Paid]

    Is it a 2-way user ignore? If I ignore a user they wont see my activities as well?
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    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Is there an option to exclude specific nodes/forums from displaying an ad?
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    XF 2.2 Cannot log into admin after a few failed attempts

    We had same issues logging on ACP after integrating Ezoic and the code below solves it. Both codes actually allow us to login but the other code won't show the visitors real IP.
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    [tl] Thread Symbiotics [Paid]

    Does this follow the forum permissions? If members have no posting permission in certain forums they wont be able to select those forums in the 'Destination forums' options?
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    [tl] Member Only Content [Paid]

    Yep, I'm not suggesting to restrict it to threads only. What I'm saying is to add to this addon (or on a separate add-on) the ability to restrict threads to certain members too. 'Cause right now it is only applicable to posts right, not threads?
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    [tl] Member Only Content [Paid]

    You might wanna consider adding member-only threads. Based on prefix maybe?
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    Post Reply [Paid]

    Are there User Group permissions for this addon?
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    [DigitalPoint] Security & Passkeys

    So it's cookie based. Makes sense after I've read your edit. Thanks.
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    [DigitalPoint] Security & Passkeys

    If I manually logout then login again with same account, it wont ask for re-verification. Same here in forum. It only asks for re-verification if I previously logged in with a different account. Though I haven't tried it here, the 2 account logins, since I only have 1 account here.
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    [DigitalPoint] Security & Passkeys

    'Days to trust' doesn't seem to work when you have 2 or more accounts logging in and out.... account#1 - login, completed 2sv, then logout account#2 - login, completed 2sv, then logout account#1 - login and still triggers 2sv, logout account#1 - login and 2sv is not triggered, logout account#2...
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    Profile Cover Photo / Banner Image Enhancements

    We have the same issue. White space for members without profile banner. Same result for unaltered default XF 2.2.10 theme.
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    [XTR] Hot Threads

    May account (rtex) needs approval on your site.
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    [DCom] Live Content [Paid]

    Oh so you finally decided to reply after a negative comment. If that is how your customer could illicit a response from you then don't bother. Now we know what kind of support you provide.