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    [OzzModz] Registration Spaminator Stop Spam Bot Registrations [Paid]

    The log links aren't in the ACP. They are in your main forum top nav bar. I'd post a screenshot, but I'm on the road.
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    Add-on Looking to add images to a poll

    I'm looking for an add-on (or even a template modification) that allows images to show in poll choices. Using IMG BB code doesn't work. I tried what @Yodrak posted in an old thread to allow <img src="/attachments/123"> as a poll option, but that didn't work either. Throws an "oops" error...
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    XF 2.1 Add images to a poll

    Thanks Nicodak. Unfortunately that addon won't work for my needs. I gather up all the photos first, then post the poll to vote on them. Ideally I would be able to include HTML or BB code in the poll options.
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    Browser issue Title font difference on mobile?

    @beerForo, you said you have a Pixel 6, correct? My Pixel 6 does not have L & XL font settings. It's a percentage with a slider bar. For me anything over 100% results in different title font sizes discussed in this thread. It's been the same for me since I got the Pixel seven months ago. No change.
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    XF 2.2 Join date how to show only month and year?

    I assume KSA means the joined date:
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    Features or Tools to Humble Trollers? Already part of our of the box XF. Called "discouraged" user. I don't recall ever seeing that on vb.
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    How to search for members without an active user upgrade?

    I'm trying to search for users with a specific secondary user group, but only those without an active user upgrade. Is that possible? In the "Search for Users" screen I don't see any way to filter by user upgrade status. If not through the ACP, is there a way to search the database via phpmyadmin?
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    Print friendly [Paid]

    Is there any chance of making this so it can print an entire thread?
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    User Onboarding [Paid]

    Any news on this?
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    XF 2.1 How to create a poll

    See my post #22 in this thread. Look for the tab up top.
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    Help choosing replacement server

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up going with the dedicated server.
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    XF 2.2 After moving to a new server email notifications not being sent

    Thanks! I was able to get the SMTP settings to work instead of using the built-in PHP option. However, now the emails my forum sends out are marked by Gmail as "be careful with this message" so now I have to figure out how to fix that.
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    XF 2.2 After moving to a new server email notifications not being sent

    My web host moved me to a new dedicated server and it appears email notifications from XF are no longer being sent. ACP > Tools > Test outbound email fails with the following error: Errors were encountered while trying to send the email. But there's no further explanation of what that error...
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    Help choosing replacement server

    Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I run multiple sites on my server, not just XF forums. So the XF Cloud option really doesn't make sense for me. I don't want the hassle of splitting my sites up between servers.
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    Help choosing replacement server

    The price is the same for either choice. XF is not the host, so no XF cloud in the mix