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    Justice :)

    For why im need to pay license , excellent work for xenforo guy im this website give free 1.5.0 version and i show to many website nulled compétition your client he have pay for license , check this website is free give all the program So i know is the web risk so , is stupid !
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    XF 1.5 No icon or link with this style

    i have buy this morning 25 us ,is write update 1.5.0 .... is never write on the page for buy , if you have catégorie is not work
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    XF 1.5 No icon or link with this style

    i have contact , he said wait and wait . So the problem is only on the first page. i have try to write url /resource or media , and he go in the good place with the good style. So on the lobby he have no icon on the navigation bar for ressource media or product or new or other , on the...
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    XF 1.5 No icon or link with this style

    Hi , i have buy all xen media resource , i have buy theme this theme Snaps 2.0 on Xenforo resource. I have install. So this style is not detect the resource or media shoutbox product on the first page.he not detect add-on I have no icon or link or word for indicate this catégorie exist. Do you...
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    XF 1.4 Install Add-on

    I , first sorry for my english i speack french. I try to install add-on on my Xenforo and is not work. The add-on is taigachat room.. i need to create in routefilter for see add on in the first page... I have trouble with this part , if you hate time for help me , the error is need prefixe url...