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    Discord Integration

    Hello, I have a question for anyone using the discord integration addon. I was able to set it up however I'd like the roles to be synced from discord to forums as well. Currently, it only syncs roles from forums to discord upon linking. Is this possible with a certain discord integration addon...
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    Discord Integration [Paid]

    Thank you very much for the response. I was indeed trying it on the server owner which didn't work however it seems to be working now. One last question, the add-on seems to sync the forum roles to discord and automatically updates them. However it doesn't seem to do the same when the roles are...
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    Discord Integration [Paid]

    Hi, The addon is setup correctly however it does not assign the roles which I have selected from discord. The bot role is above the role it is trying to assign however it does not assign the role when the discord account is connected
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    XF 2.2 Forums addons

    Hey thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I wasn't able to access the admin panel either. The complete site was not responding however I went into file manager through cpanel and put the add-on folders back which I had previously deleted and it fixed the problem. For anyone else who may...
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    XF 2.2 Forums addons

    I am having an issue with the forums. I recently uninstalled a few plugins as I no longer needed them however it shows them in installable plugins section which was annoying. I then went into public_html/src/addons and deleted the plugins from there, after deleting the first 2 and refreshing...
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    XF 2.2 Profile border

    Hello, How can I change the border colour for different user groups? I'd really appreciate some help on this. This is the code I'm using in extra.less for the current border