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    [TH] XenBlog [Paid]

    Is it possible to add widgets for top bloggers and latest blog posts on the main page through widget framework?
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    UI.X [Paid]

    I added a new create new thread button using the create thread hack from TH. The button looks ok on computer but in responsive mode it looks like: How do I get it to stretch across the whole width like the sign on or the social media buttons?
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    [TH] Quick Thread [Paid]

    I put the quick thread create button in a widget (template widget with no wrapper). However it is completely off: I need to style the button and align it in center. How do I go about doing that?
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    XF 1.5 Additional CSS to calltoaction button?

    I created a new call to action button (for creating a new thread) and wish to apply some additional CSS to it (don't want it to look like other calltoaction buttons). How do I do that? I tried putting additional CSS in Extra.css and then changing the following <a href="{xen:link...
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    [bd] Widget Framework

    I have a question, a pretty basic one I presume. I created a template widget (no wrapper) and put adqt_post_new_thread_button template in the Template field. I now need to create a custom wrapper for this? (fairly basic one). Right now it is all of out of sync, I need to make sure that it is...
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    XF 1.5 Style Post New Thread button

    How did you do this? I am also interested in this.
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    Calendar Plus [Deleted]

    Is it possible to have the date displayed on upcoming events instead of the avatar?
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    [TH] Quick Thread [Paid]

    Can I put the quick thread create button in a widget (created through bd framework)? If yes, how do I do that?
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    External Accounts Extended

    I did before posting the question.
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    External Accounts Extended

    Getting this error on integration with LinkedIn I checked the FAQ and nothing has helped, here is my configuration in LinkedIn
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    [HA] News Ticker [Paid]

    I understand that, hence my question. I wanted to show news ticker related to stock exchange news in the investment forum. Since forum view was not listed in your predefined locations I was wondering how to go about showing it for that particular forum only.
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    [HA] News Ticker [Paid]

    So I need the widget framework to display it on forum view page?
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    [HA] News Ticker [Paid]

    Is it possible to have the news ticker displayed on forum view page?
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    XF 1.5 Custom user field in place of user title

    I removed the following: class="pairsJustified userField_{$fieldId}" from the dl tags. It seems to have fixed the problem. Can anyone tell me if this would cause any other issues?
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    XF 1.5 Custom user field in place of user title

    Made a few more changes and have removed this line <dt>{xen:helper userFieldTitle, $fieldId}:</dt> Now I have ended up with: How do I remove the space before ACA?