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    Is Xenforo's code easy to modify? How does it compare to phpbb's code, as for modifyability / maintainability?

    FYI, I want to setup a forum, but I'm still shopping around as to which one to use. I mainly just want the basic buillt-in features but I want to make a few fairly simple modifications, such as I want users to be able to search for other users by a couple of new/custom fields, and also, I want...
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    Various questions about the license agreement

    Okay, thanks! That sounds okay. However... This is a good point they made. Nowadays terms like "hatred" can mean just about anything the prosecutor wants it to. So, in today's world of political nefariousness, maybe Xenforo owners should revise their license agreement a little bit, to just...
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    Various questions about the license agreement

    The license agreement says "Automated checks may be used to verify your License, including but not limited to installations reporting their usage to Us.". What kinds of usage & other information does the installation report to you? We don't want our members' personal data being surveilled...
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    It seems XenForo doesn't have a 'joinable groups' feature. Is this ever going to be built-in in the future?

    'Joinable groups' is one feature I absolutely need. Other than missing that feature, XenForo looks like it has all major features that most everyone would want already built-in (I tried the demo). So congratulations on a nice looking and full-featured product, except for lacking that joinable...
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    join group

    How do users join a custom group? And how does the admin assign a leader/moderator to that custom group, so that the leader can approve or deny applicants to that group?