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    The Big Forum List

    The Helper ( has switched over to Xenforo from vBulletin. Over 1,000,000 Posts.
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    [XFR] User Albums

    Does anyone know how to change the Albums Tab's order in the navigation list?
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    If User is a Moderator of Current Forum

    I have searched for about an hour around these forums to see if I can find any answers, but I couldn't find any that addressed my needs. I am trying to bring attention to forum moderator's posts by revealing an background icon in one of their posts. I am currently editing message_user_info and...
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    Listing Child Node Titles

    Bump? I am still hoping for some kind of response on this issue. :oops: I have added an example image. Hope that gives a little bit more information.
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    Listing Child Node Titles

    Hello, hopefully this question is aimed at the right forum. I am trying to make a system of tabs for our forum's index. As one category has grown far too large and we want to condense it some. Now I can set up the tab regions and the javascript required properly, however what is troubling is I...