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    XenForo Admin using Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop

    I ran Mint for quite a while, which is where I got hooked on using Cinnamon. I have Arch on three desktops, with Antergos (think: prettified Arch) on my laptop, and all four machines use the Cinnamon desktop environment.
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    Add-ons change of ownership

    This is good news. The Donation Manager has done well to keep my site alive and kicking, so to see it will be actively developed in the future is a good thing.
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    KnownHost Server Configuration?

    Actually, they are a managed hosting provider and you HAVE to use a control panel, ONLY if you intend to use their managed services. What is almost always missed by the majority of people are the unmanaged VPS plans offered by RocketVPS, which is a subsidiary of KnownHost. Now, now, Tracy...
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    Best Hosting provider for XenForo?

    Which was my thought when the OP suggested KnownHost is somehow less than first cabin. As of the third of this month, I have been with KH for 6 years, to which @jwright can attest. In all that time, I think my site has been down three or four times, that were not self-inflicted. As for...
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    XenForo Admin using Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop

    FileZilla is a lazy carry-over from when I ran Windows. @RoldanLT , aren't you using Nemo? File >> Connect to Server >> Server Details should be giving you the option to select Type from a drop-down menu.
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    XenForo Admin using Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop

    The items I generally add after a fresh Linux install are - Shutter GIMP (if not already part of the install) Mirage Trimage FileZilla Geany jEdit Meld (as mentioned above) Plus, I generally install multiple browsers, for testing. Chromium, Epiphany, Midori, Opera, etc.
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    XF 1.3 Thumbnails not appearing after installing LiteSpeed

    I managed to get everything working. It was as easy as enabling suEXEC within LiteSpeed and getting directory and file permissions set to LiteSpeed's liking.
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    XF 1.3 Thumbnails not appearing after installing LiteSpeed

    Thanks, Mike. At least you gave me a nudge in the right direction.
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    XF 1.3 Thumbnails not appearing after installing LiteSpeed

    Hi Jake. Thanks for offering to help with this one. OK, here is another attempt - From top to bottom, the URL on the broken thumbnail is - If I click on the thumbnail, I get the issue where the lightbox tries to open then immediately...
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    XF 1.3 Thumbnails not appearing after installing LiteSpeed

    After installing LiteSpeed and upgrading PHP from 5.4.17 to 5.4.24, I've suddenly encountered a problem with thumbnails not displaying. However the full images display with no problem. If I create the post with the thumbnail image, clicking on the broken thumbnail image will momentarily...
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    Happy Birthday Azhria Lilu!!

    Still the 13th here, so does this mean I am not late? Happy Birthday, young lady!
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    MicroSupport Free [Deleted]

    Travis, you might try removing those quote marks from your reply, to see if that works.
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    Ubuntu Operating system

    I used Mint for a few years, before moving over to the Linux Mint Debian Edition, back when Ikey Doherty was still involved with it. When Ikey moved on to do SolusOS, I went with him. I have a Mint 14 'Nadia' Cinnamon partition on one machine, but I do prefer using SolusOS. I cut my Linux...
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    Ubuntu Operating system

    To the OP, I suggest looking around at several distributions and downloading their LiveCD / LiveDVD environments for some testing. It will let you get a 'feel' for each distro, as well as allowing you to see if it plays well with your peripherals. At no cost, other than a few minutes of...
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    Impressions from using XF 1.2 beta 1

    Shelley just has a certain knack when it comes to color use, doesn't she? ;)