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    XF 2.1 upgrade - significnalty fewer files

    Yes, there were some library version changes (so that is almost certainly the cause).
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    As designed There is no 2-step authentication for install/upgrade page.

    This is very much intentional, as 2FA could block the ability to complete an upgrade and leave a site in an unusable state. The master data rebuild generally doesn't do anything (unless something has gone wrong already). Reinstalling requires manually removing a file from the file system and...
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    XF 2.1 Run code after XenForo upgrade

    Add-ons (listeners) are explicitly and intentionally not run through the upgrade process so it's quite unlikely that anything would work. If something did, it'd probably have to be done via config.php though I'm not positive if that's still viable. (There isn't likely to be a relevant event...
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    Fixed XenForo 2.1.10 messed up Admin page

    Patch 2 has been released (which actually has the change that Patch 1 was supposed to have... doh!).
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    Fixed XenForo 2.1.10 messed up Admin page

    So this is add-on related, though it does come from a change -- the last line in this file is now a comment, so it's very likely that the add-on is appending without creating any line breaks and thus is getting caught in the comment. We're investigating.
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    XF 2.1 Admin CP templates broken

    It's likely worth discussing here: Though it seems like it may potentially be add-on related.
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    Fixed XenForo 2.1.10 messed up Admin page

    The first thing I would do is rerun the master data rebuild just in case, but beyond that, I'd recommend disabling add-ons as it's possible there are changes there creating incompatibilities.
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    guests can download the attachment

    Yes, this is normal and has always been the case for the annoucnements forum.
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    Duplicate Sticky data list header glitching on container toggle

    There were some other reports of glitches so the changes that trigger this have been disabled as of 2.1.10. (I'm going to call this duplicate -- I suppose it's "fixed" but that's misleading as the related changes are just rolled back.)
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    Fixed Exception when sending E-Mails / XFI: Invalid email imported vBulletin

    Note that for non-valid accounts with invalid emails, we now remove the email on import. (A valid account will be moved to email_bounce. This doesn't totally prevent emails from being sent to the address, but it does eliminate most cases and it doesn't remove potentially relevant data.) Just to...
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    Change In Behavior

    Saying that, should be sorted now anyway. :)
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    Change In Behavior

    That's a new posts link, so I don't think that's the link you meant.
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    Future fix Spoiler / Table

    This relates to a fairly well known issue but it has to do with spoilers being rendered as BB code instead of the block-level tag that they are. I'm going to tag this as a future fix as it's in a class of things that is potentially pretty extensive to fix (we need to implement full RTE behavior...
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    Browser issue A single smiley can't be quoted.

    As far as I can tell, this is really just a browser issue. We aren't involved in the activation of the selection process, so Firefox appears to prevent the selection of the image in some scenarios. (Interestingly there are some specific scenarios where this does appear to happen in Chrome as well.)
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    As designed Missing Alert

    To clarify, read marking is based on the last post you've read. So if you go to the last page, it considers everything before it read. But if you were on page 1 of an 88 page thread and posted a reply from there, we don't mark the thread as read because you basically skipped a bunch of posts in...