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    Site is terribly unstable after the CloudFlare installation

    We're actively fighting an attack right now.
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    I've piggybacked an existing Chrome bug report, where an XF forum user reported issues on a specific forum, but I have derived a reduced test case and unfortunately, there's really nothing we can do in XF1 to fix it. It's specific to the approach used with the RTE there (which we moved away from...
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    Ok, I have managed to reproduce this now though I don't have any further information on cause or potential workaround yet.
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    XF 2.0 Does image resize work?

    If you're not running 2.0.2, there's a specific fix related to this situation (non-square attachment dimension limits).
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    XF 2.0 Paste images from web browser as bbcode image

    We use some different (newer) clipboard APIs now and really it's just down to what data ends up in that clipboard. There can be multiple representations of it, so any approach really is valid in that case (when the image binary data is there). This is ultimately driven by the RTE library in 2.0...
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    I haven't been able to reproduce this, though it may be Android 8.x specific. Has anyone seen this on other versions of Android? Also, please confirm the keyboard(s) you've seen it with. To clarify though, is this in any text box or is it specific to the rich text editor? If it's any "regular"...
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    XF 2.0 Adding editor icon under "Insert"

    See the "editor:buttons" event that's triggered. It should allow you to modify the "insertButtons" data within that.
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    Not a bug An exception occurred: [TypeError] Argument 1 passed

    This appears to be a bug with a template modification (calling canStartConversationWith without checking that it actually has a user).
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    Not a bug "The site is currently being upgraded. Please check back later." with invalid Guzzle HTTP request

    If an add-on is being processed, it's considered that an upgrade of some sort is happening and the error is very likely caused by an inconsistent state. Thus we display that error message. (The is_processing flag should only be set while an install/upgrade/rebuild of an add-on is happening...
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    xf:set can't be used xf:datarow

    Various tags are "special" when it comes to what children they allow (when their children are structured). Any special cases (such as for "if" and "foreach") need to be handled carefully. Set is similar and something that would require added support. This would apply to other tags too, though I...
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    As designed Payment provider log User Unknown

    Currently as expected given the completely changed system for 1.x-related logs. New logs will contain the updated data.
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    Not a bug "The site is currently being upgraded. Please check back later." with invalid Guzzle HTTP request

    BTW, it sounds like you have an add-on stuck in the "is_processing" state, which we've seen some reports of but never reproduced. It likely indicates that an install/upgrade/rebuild was never properly completed.
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    As designed font-family applied to button element

    This was intentional as it was specifically to override the reset (same with the line-height) and thus have the same specificity. If you believe this is wrong or it's causing problems, you'll need to be more specific as to why.
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    XF 1.5 Escaping characters (esp. in usernames)

    The JS escaping is specifically for escaping when you pass data in a JS-only context. The context you're in requires both HTML and JS escaping and isn't really something we ever do (inline JS via an on attribute); you may be able to combine escape and jsescape though I'm not positive. I'd...
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    Confirmed Email bouncing error

    Can you try to identify the email that error relates to? We'd need to be able to reproduce it. On the face of it, this looks like an invalid email (or a bug in the underlying email parsing library we use).