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  1. Mike

    XF 2.0 Attempting a fresh install instead of an upgrade

    Only the files present in an XF2 download (along with src/config.php and the data/ and internal_data/ files) are needed after you are running XF2. You do need all of the files/directories within the data/ and internal_data/ directories though -- your first post mentioned several specific...
  2. Mike

    Cannot reproduce Node canView permission not checked on forum view

    If you look at what Node::canView() does, all it does it call the type-specific canView function. It's simply a wrapper -- it does nothing and shouldn't be extended. You need to change the type-specific methods.
  3. Mike

    XF 2.0 Can I delete folder library/xenresoures after upgrade it into 2.0?

    I would recommend taking a backup just in case, but yes.
  4. Mike

    General Question about Avatars (XF2)

    We always display square avatars now.
  5. Mike

    XF 2.0 bbcode editor "jump" one line when insert smile or custom bbcode

    Given that you've never focused the editor when these buttons are being pressed, things like this can happen and it isn't really unexpected or something that would change. Simply clicking into the editor is likely to resolve the problem (as it will change where the cursor is positioned).
  6. Mike

    XF 2.0 Attempting a fresh install instead of an upgrade

    What you're doing really isn't much to do with a fresh install as you're maintaining all of your old data. We would generally not recommend taking a process like this as you may miss components that you later find to be important. At the least, you need to maintain the entire contents of the...
  7. Mike

    XF 2.0 Sitemap errors

    I looked at that file on your site and it looks like it generally contains the expected content to me, so I'm not sure if this has been fixed since then. Usually, this sort of thing would be down to server configuration -- probably related to some specific Nginx rules matching XML files.
  8. Mike

    XF 2.0 Can I delete folder library/xenresoures after upgrade it into 2.0?

    Nothing in the library directory is used by XF2.
  9. Mike

    XF 2.0 [E_USER_WARNING] Accessed unknown getter

    Screenshot your listener configuration where you registered your threadEntityPostDelete method.
  10. Mike

    XF 1.5 https is breaking my forum

    He's correct as to what's happening, but the questions I asked were to identify the why and thus to fix it. Do you know how SSL was set up? Has it been done in Apache directly and is there a reverse proxy, load balancer, etc intercepting the request?
  11. Mike

    XF 1.5 https is breaking my forum

    How have you implemented HTTPS? Is it on your server itself, or is there a reverse proxy or something doing SSL termination? (If it's the latter, then the request isn't actually hitting your server via SSL so we don't detect that automatically -- there is some code that can be added if you...
  12. Mike

    XF 2.0 Importing from 2.0 to 2.0: "The directory does not contain the expected contents."

    We check for a few things to make sure it is a valid data directory. Notably, we check for avatars and attachments sub-directories. Do both of those exist under that data directory? If not and you have no avatars or attachments, you could manually create them. If they do exist, then double check...
  13. Mike

    Fixed 'Start conversations with you' field value changing autometically upon ACP user update

    Is this an old user? I believe that was the default value for that setting some time back -- we've seen this change happen in XF1, though there it would go to "members".
  14. Mike

    Fixed Verify Your Google API Project

    In XF2, I don't believe this verification is needed. The FAQ specifically mentions that you can skip the process if "I am using this app to allow users to sign-in to my platform using their basic profile information". Later, this is specifically mentioned as the "Google Sign-in scopes" and...
  15. Mike

    XF 2.0 Passing two strings in route

    This isn't really something we expose -- the str approach doesn't use a dot as a delimiter or anything like that, so it is unlikely to change in the future as well.