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    XF 1.5 Add FontAwesome Icons to Navbar?

    Hi all, My destop version its fine with the icons on the navbar see here (icons + text) but i want to disable the text only on the mobile version, i want to see just the icon on the mobile version i want to see this on my mobole version (photoshop picture) here is my EXTRA.css code...
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    XF 1.5 Navbar mobile version

    Hi, its possible to display this add-on ( [XFA] Members Map 1.5.3 ) on the mobile version at the Navbar? at the moment its here On the PC version its fine Thanks
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    [XFA] Members Map [Paid]

    Hi, its possible to add any font awesome icone like this
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    Unread Post Count

    Hi When a new member sign in on the forum, it appears directly 17000 unread messages, how to start at 0 for new registrations?
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    XF 1.5 How rename Start Conversation to Private Message?

    Hi, i want to rename the Start Conversation to Private Message? How i can do this please Thanks
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    php Selector and extension
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    php Selector and extension

    Hi, what exptension do you recommend? And i need a Cache but i do not know which one to choose. I have recently this 3 errors, how to fix them? I use the v. 1.5.14 Thanks
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    [XFA] Members Map [Paid]

    Hi, thanks for the update. I just have a problem with the Distance between members, I'm from Luxembourg and any members in Luxembourg are shown 8km from me, all members from Belgium 203km and all members from France 540km.
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    [XFA] Members Map [Paid]

    Hi, how i can translate contry, adress and city to an other language?
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    [XFA] Members Map [Paid]

    what i have to do with this file?
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    [XFA] Members Map [Paid]

    yes thanks
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    [XFA] Members Map [Paid]

    Hi, i have pay yesterday this addon, and when i try to download i have this error Xen Factory - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
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    XF 1.5 Disable search Forums

    no completly, just this one. i want do disable it because the new post Button is not visible on smartphone (desktop version) on PC On Smartphone (desktop version) I want see this new post button on my smartphone:cry: