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    [XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game [Deleted]

    Developing XF2 version, coming soon...
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    [bd] Attachment Store [Paid]

    Are you in a position to confirm my claim of it not working with XFMG?
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    [bd] Attachment Store [Paid]

    I haven't tested with the resource manager addon.
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    [bd] Attachment Store [Paid]

    I've provided him with a stack trace, both here and on and additional details which he himself asked for. I'm disappointed by the fact that compatibility with XFMG was completely ignored and he is pretending the problem doesn't exist, an acknowledgement would be in order.
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    [bd] Attachment Store [Paid]

    A Warning to those upgrading to xf2, version 2 of this addon doesn't work with XFMG 2 i have had to disable media gallery from my forum. Raised the issue with XFrocks i haven't gotten any feedback.
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    XF 2.0 Rich text editor border styling

    I can't seem to find out where in the style properties to customize the border around the rich text editor, any help with this?
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    s9e Media Sites

    After installation it's still listed as a legacy addon, what could be the problem?
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    Cannot add image to media gallery

    Thank you, Let me try and disable the other addon and test
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    Cannot add image to media gallery

    I get the following error when i attempt to add an image to the media gallery. League\Flysystem\FileNotFoundException: File not found at path: 2018/03/224537_84e1e2b0020e62cac2844d21157964bb.jpg in src/vendor/league/flysystem/src/Filesystem.phpat line 385...
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    Staying on Xenforo 1 or Upgrading

    Not looking to upgrade any time soon, how long will XF 1 be supported?
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    Today in History

    Not implemented at the moment, working on caching and pre-fetching in the background
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    Today in History - Add server side history event fetching to overcome ssl constraints

    This update adds the capability to fetch history events on the server side. If you haven't declared custom events for a specific date, the default fallback is to fetch an event for the date from an external server, traditionally this was done on the client side but due to the external resource...
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    Today in History

    megabosx updated Today in History with a new update entry: Add server side history event fetching to overcome ssl constraints Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Today in History

    I didn't get you right, do you want multiple events shown on the side bar?