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    How To Use Template Hooks

    stupid question.. if you are only populating the template with username. Why do you need $template->getParams()?? IMHO if you are only going to use this template here.. (i meen not using it somewhere where you have the param $user) you can use $message without a problem. but then the shortest...
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    How To Use Template Hooks

    you are absolutely right @robbo I do it that way when i'm in hurry (and I do it only on localhost dev environment with a win7 machine and firefox - i actually never went out of mem.) @lasertits at first sight, the username would be in: $hookParams['message']['username'] so you would have to...
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    How To Use Template Hooks

    Heres my 2 cents... i would just do some basic debugging. i.e. add the red lines to the code to see if the content of the arrays are as you expect them to be and if the vars fit into your template: you can do it in a more elegant way, but for me this method usually is good enough Luc
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    Fixed Major problem with IE8 and jquery in overlay

    Update.... It is not really a bug.. (it seems to be a jquery bug that has been "worked around" by xenforo. if you open the xenforo.js on line: 1327 there is a comment: so the behaviour is "working as designed" :-( But, after doing some reading on jquery, I found that it will also fall over on...
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    Fixed Font-weight incorrect processing in templates

    well I use the "word" parameters vs the digits.. they seem to work correctly. i.e.: normal | bold | bolder | lighter | inherit this always worked for me... i never touched the digits because I think I read somewhere that most fonts only have few weights available . so if the weight doesnt...
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    Fixed Major problem with IE8 and jquery in overlay

    Hi, I'm having a stupid issue but maybe there is a simple solution. I want to call an overlay, similar to the language chooser or quick navigation. I create the template and the css, that works fine.. the overlay is there and works as expected in all browsers as soon as I click the link. it...
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    Time Problems

    I am not sure, but trying to put you in the right direction... 2 thoughts. 1 - At first sight, there may be an inconstistancy.. you take the TimeZoneOffset into consideration when getting start and endtime, but you dont when you get $now so you might (not at all sure) have to add the the...
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    Fixed Permission Flag Default Value Not Working?

    Well my thought on this, is that it would be very usefull. I design an addon, lets say an image slide show on the front forumpage (its only an example!) The first permission I add is: View slideshow. It would be great (and I thought thats what it was for) that the default permission would be...
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    Fixed [Cosmetic] Advanced Search Form inconsistency

    When i go on the advanced search page, tab: "Search everything " is selected. Page Title is "Search" and breadcrumbs are "Home" only (here also) When i click on Tab: "Search Threads and Posts" it works as expected. Page Title is "Search Threads and Posts" and breadcrumbs are "Home" -> "Search"...
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    Having issues with TopCtrl and OverlayTrigger AJAX...

    I suppose that if you put the span tags inside the phrase, you will get the same result? I meen array('linkPhrase' => new XenForo_Phrase('promote_options')) (where phrase promote_options contains the span...) Just a thought.. probably wont work. Luc But i vaguely remember having a similar...
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    Is it possible to open profile with other tab open?

    YES!!! thank you! Actually I wanted to make another tab, that i called "MySpecialTab" default on pageload. So what i did, thanks to your js... in the other thread. 1. I added the tab per template hook. (there i give the <li> an id="MySpecialTab") 2. I added following javascript <script...
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    Is it possible to open profile with other tab open?

    I would have thought it could be possible to open the profile with another tab open than the first one. Example: If I open my profile here, its: i get the first tab selected by default. Now to my understanding, all tabs have urls in them, with...
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    profile tabs !

    @DroidHost I have exactly the same problem. the $requestPaths.requestUri is simply not there.... (although it is somewhere nested in the $hookParams) could you please explain how you resend the template params to the template? (or whatever you did to fix it) Luc I think I fixed it myself...
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    Fixed Dead Links when javascript disabled

    Hey thanks... will implement that.. thumbs up! L.
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    Fixed Dead Links when javascript disabled

    As we have strict security on our company server, javascript is disabled in many browsers. So I started testing on a javascript disabled FF 5.01. Allthough lots of functionality gets lost, xenforo works fine, general satisfaction with company browsers. BUT one thing is annoying. In a forum...