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    XF 2.2 Mass permissions manager

    I have a use case where in a corporate environment I have about 100 private nodes for internal teams and about 3000 users which are staff. Users will need to register for access to a particular node and it will be manually approved. To achieve this I have a few quick questions. 1) Can a...
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    Installed the latest update and the editor is blank. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Lastest Activity Widget

    Thanks this is awesome, just installed and works perfectly. This will be great to try and increase engagement of my community.
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    [TH] UI.X Pro [Paid]

    Thanks, but how? For a board with thousands of posts how do to topics get added? And then ongoing how are they added?
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    [TH] UI.X Pro [Paid]

    @Mike Creuzer so the topics are created individually for each thread manually? If so how would a board that has many thousands of existing posts switch over?
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    XF 2.0 Latest Activity I agree latest post is good but I would like to present this in a widget. Don't get me wrong new posts is great but I do so the potential of this in a widget as it shows not just typical posts but alot of other information as well.
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    XF 2.0 Latest Activity

    Maybe I missed it but is it possible to make a widget with the latest activity stream? I have new posts but activity seems to be more complete. Has anyone created a widget for this?
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    What's your backup setup?

    Just revisiting backups as I am looking to iron out my solution. So what does everyone do for backups? For my folders and files of xenforo I was rsyncing all files once a day to a VPS backup. Current attachments store is around 50gb so it's pretty big to deal with. I have DNS a record set to...
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    Pure lols. Suggest you read the release thread of the latest xenforo release it might shed some light for you.
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    I should add big thumbs up to theme house for getting the update out so quickly!!!
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    Because xenforo updated the core software so the theme needed an update.
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    Just a question with logos. What do you need to set the x2 logo for retina as, is there any naming convention for the image or just a PNG twice the dimensions of the standard sized logo? Thanks.
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    [TH] Holidays

    Thanks for the fix. On my side it looks like the custom th node icons are still displayed over the top when using this so not fixed yet. Let me know what other information I can provide.
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    With the latest update I uploaded all the new files requrer but didn't get a prompt to update anything with the addon? Did I miss a step?
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    XF 2.0 Menu Hover

    Thanks Brogan... Assume its a pretty big modification to re introduce? Was there a rationale from a UI / UX perspective as to why click vs hover was chosen?