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    As designed Default Sort Order list does not include all options

    It wasn't something I thought I needed until I went hunting for custom sort options. I wanted to make a "suggestion box" forum and rather than have the normal bump-to-top (which could be gamed by the same people bumping the same thread over and over again, or having a lengthy discussion) I...
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    As designed Default Sort Order list does not include all options

    If you go into AdminCP -> Applications -> Node Tree -> Edit Node -> Forum Options, the default sort order includes the following options: Last Message Start Date Title Replies Views However, if you're already in a forum, the options under Thread Display Options are: Last Message Time Thread...
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    User upgrades and new EU VAT regulation re: digital services

    That's... not true. The rules apply to anyone selling in a member state.
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    User upgrades and new EU VAT regulation re: digital services

    I don't understand the question honestly. In what way is it not a service? Even if it were a 'promotion' (what does that mean in this context), how is that not a service? Yes, this would also be my interpretation of it as well. In fact, specifically, from the EC's explanatory notes: 2...
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    User upgrades and new EU VAT regulation re: digital services

    I have to admit it seems like HMRC's chart is a little misleading. If you read the source they're referring to, the EC's explanatory notes, they don't make the distinction between "document automatically emailed by seller's system" and "document manually emailed". The note generally refers to...
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    Can Warn Staff

    Do not want, am repeatedly warned for bad posting behavior on own forum. :(
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    Warning moderators

    I agree. I think the idea that you can't impose discipline on moderators is somewhat silly, though perhaps it would require some changes in report permissions...
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    [RainDD] User Activity (Users Viewed, Viewing Thread)

    I've also run into this bug, and it appears to have just started, so I'm not sure what the error is. Here's perhaps the most extreme example: It is certainly possible that 261 users were viewing that thread and 230 guests were, except that I know there weren't because not a particularly...
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    [TH] Custom Fields

    When attempting to edit a library, or post to a library, with this addon and the "article discussion thread" thing installed, the following appears at the top of each page (though bigger or smaller depending on the number of nodes selected): Template Errors: waindigo_node_select_library...
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    [TH] Library

    I am suffering what I can only describe as an utterly inexplicable bug: everything operates fine. I can create a library, and do. I can click the create an article button, and then fill it out, click "create an article", it claims to have saved. It even shows up in the library list. But the...
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    Taking forum donations - tax/legal ramifications?

    Where you live is highly important for this determination, because in at least some jurisdictions you may not be able to claim the expenses as a deduction against the revenue for personal tax purposes...
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    Lack of interest Watch Thread - Original Poster (OP) Reply Alert

    I agree. A lot of my users do a lot of creative writing and roleplay and this is a feature that they ask for fairly consistently.
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Review

    That wasn't my point. My point was that the Metro UI isn't hard to learn or difficult to use. It's different, but it's also fairly trivial. If you've ever picked up a mobile device in the last 4-5 years, you'll be fairly adept with it in no time. (Especially the Playbook, in a lot of ways it...
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Review

    I've been using Windows 8 since the Developer Preview, and other than a few little complaints I have (for example, you apparently can't log out of Messenger), I've been very happy with it. More to the point, everyone who's seen it on my laptop (which I use as a desktop when docked) has been...
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    whats up with the SpaceBattles forum?

    Not having access to the actual server data, I'm just going from the little tracking data posted at the bottom of the main page. :p What the actual traffic was like I couldn't say. There were something like 120,000 registered users but that doesn't mean anything at all.