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    Addon Bulk Email Users , friendly html wyswig and attachment

    Under Xenforo admin there is a bulk email which support plain and html is there friendly admin interface to the html view and ability yo add attachments? does any one know of and addon?
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    Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level [Paid]

    Hello, does anyone know how to add this to private conversations as well.
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    XF 1.5 Upgraded from xenforo 1.5.2 and registration not working

    Thank you for your quite response.. yes your right the default template works.... will look at it from here.
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    XF 1.5 Upgraded from xenforo 1.5.2 and registration not working

    Hello, We've upgraded to xenforo 1.5.2 and now our registration form is not working even tho all the correct fields are entered. I just keeping getting this error even tho all requirements have been met and we can see our registration count since the upgrade has dropped. any ideas...
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    Post Titles . VB functionality

    Thanks for the reply mr lucky the only addon i've found is : And i've tested it with 1.4.11 and 1.52 and it doesn't work...
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    Post Titles . VB functionality

    Does the latest version 1.5 of xenforo support Post titles. Eg a thread is created with a title and a new poster comes along and enters a new title which than shows above the post.
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    [TH] Post Titles

    Hi I'm using 1.5.2 and i installed your plug in how ever the post title is not showing above the post. I have box above the post box for a title but nothing appears when i put post title in
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    How to remove someone from a private conversation

    Hi, is there away to remove someone from a conversation. We are using xenforo 1.2
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    XENFORO - incorrect started by person in thread

    yeh that just came to mind... i just fixed the issue . I rebuilt the thread cache last night and looks like because we have the addon 'Newest Post First' when you rebuild the cache its takes the last post as the creator. I un ticked the box in the addon to change the order back to oldest...
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    XENFORO - incorrect started by person in thread

    not recently no.. I just chose the default style and the same issue.
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    XENFORO - incorrect started by person in thread

    Can someone please help. Our threads seem to be showing the wrong person who started the thread. If you look at the first post it is not the person who created the thread. We are using xenforo 1.2. Does anyone know what the issue is. I have tried building the thread cache.
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    Current Thread being viewed Addon

    Hi, Im trying to find a addon that that shows the current threads being viewed for xenforo 1.2 does anyone know if it exists?
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    XML Sitemap for Xenforo 1.2

    Hi Does anyone know if theres and google xml sitemap addon for XF 1.2
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    XF 1.2 A grab-bag of XenForo 1.2 questions

    Hey team Thanks for your help so far, it's been invaluable as we get up to speed with the best forum software in the world. We have a few general questions about XF1.2 that I feel don't deserve their own threads. I'm happy though to split this into multiple threads if it's easier. I understand...
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    XF 1.2 Access to certain areas for non-admin members

    Thanks for your help, Mike - you guys are amazing. Here's the situation: we have a sales manager to whom we'd like to give the ability to create nodes, but to not have access to any other part of the admin panel, especially deleting nodes. Can you think of a way to achieve this?