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Jul 3, 2015 at 11:15 AM
Jul 28, 2010
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November 2
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Reading, UK
XenForo Developer

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XenForo Developer, Male, from Reading, UK

Staff Member

HYS video 28 July 2014 take 99427... Jul 28, 2014

Kier was last seen:
Jul 3, 2015 at 11:15 AM
    1. Adam Howard
    2. Adam Howard
      Adam Howard
      300 TOTAL customizations ... Modifications, add-ons, 3rd party, template edits, and skins. Still going fast and strong. :-D You should be proud of the work done and what is capable with XenForo
      1. ShadyX, Claudio, HenrikHansen and 4 others like this.
      2. oman
        Well said. So true
        Jul 23, 2012
      3. HenrikHansen
        Yeah, the last couple of months the number of customations by really skilled contributiors have really increased fast.
        Aug 1, 2012
    3. Xarcell
      Good to see you around...
    4. loeristen
      heeey kier i got a question.
      how can i make a new page a costum page like "resource" of this forum.
      i want to make own one like "Home site".
      i already search on the forum but i cant find because i didnt bought a license o i cant create a new thread.
      i have get the license of my friend because he dont need anymore.
      1. Jake Bunce
        Jake Bunce
        Jun 27, 2012
    5. Adam Howard
      Adam Howard
      1. dutchbb, simbolo and Liam23 like this.
    6. Mythotical
      Heya, glad to see you around. Hope all is well and I hope this lawsuit stuff ends soon for you guys. I know it is stressing you all out that it is hard to be online 24/7, all I can say is spend time with your families, relax for awhile and get passed the lawsuit. We will all be fine until then, true customers will understand.
      1. Andrew likes this.
    7. loeristen
      heey man i got an question, how can i add a new page in myn xenforo forum?
      1. Liam23
        Kier is a busy man, Ask in the correct forums......
        Jul 1, 2012
    8. Lenin
      hey kier my hero, do not miss us, you have a whole community waiting for your great news, as they always have done,, ....
      go ahead .. XenForo that is thousand times better than vb, smf, and all those that exist on the web ...
      1. coppermine and R_A like this.
    9. Luxus
      Hi Kier, can you please tell me if the Resource Manager will be released in June? I can't go live without a download manager :(
      1. Liam23 likes this.
    10. TheBigK
      Kier, Is Mike still with XenForo? I'm sick of all the negative talk about XF. I've always been a fan of you two.
      1. Liam23 likes this.
    11. ::abdo::
      Why did you stop the development of the program?
      1. Peggy
        May 27, 2012
      2. EgyKit
        mmmm I already turned to xenforo? it will be a big issue of this happen! it will pain to turn to vbulletin back again! I hope the new version of xenforo will be live soon to stop these rumors.
        Jun 2, 2012
    12. Adam Howard
      Adam Howard
      Respectfully, I'd like to have a minimual staff option to know if people actually do own a valid copy of XenForo. I get request often from people asking me to help them import to XenForo... It would be nice to know if all those request are truly valid request. (Do not want anything above that small request)
    13. LoadedDiaper
      Nice work with the software. :)
      1. The Dark Wizard and R_A like this.
    14. elbav
      Please Free Brogan!
      1. Liam23, Flipsen and 8thos like this.
      2. DRE
        Bring him back please!
        May 8, 2012
    15. The Dark Wizard
      The Dark Wizard
      Sexy new avatar!
      1. Ian and ankurs like this.
    16. AdamD
      You need to move somewhere with VM's 100mb cable connection, 10mb upload man!
      Or, BT's FTTH with "upto" 20mb upload hehe.
    17. Adam Howard
      Adam Howard
      I spy with my little eye, Kier is online. LOL

      Sorry. I had to laugh at that one. It must got really tirring how people act when you're either online or not online. Far to many people wanting their hands held. Keep up the good work.
      1. mmoore5553, twhiting9275 and ragtek like this.
    18. vinavb
      hi kier, can u help me rename my account ?
      thank you
      1. LoadedDiaper
        Though I'm new but, I want to share some of my knowledge:
        You can't change your username. Well, not that easy.
        May 9, 2012
      2. Peggy
        Only Kier or Mike can change the username.
        May 27, 2012
    19. Markos
      Glad to see you back!
      1. alexD likes this.
    20. Adam Howard
      Adam Howard
      Remember a key point in life... You know you're successful when someone does everything in their power to make you look un-successful or goes out of their way to destroy what you have accomplished. This key point is called, envy.

      Keep fighting the good fight.
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    November 2
    Home Page:
    Reading, UK
    XenForo Developer
    Favorite XenForo Feature:
    Its customers
    Other Forum Software Used:
    • vBulletin 3.x
    Trained as an animator and programmer at the National Center for Computer Animation before setting up my own CGI company, producing animation for companies including FIFA, AMD and Ferrero Kinder.

    Joined Jelsoft in early 2001 as a vBulletin developer before being made lead developer and product manager in 2002. Oversaw development of vBulletin 3. Resigned as lead developer in June 2009.

    Now busy working with Mike and Ashley on XenForo.

    Please do not write messages asking for support on my profile page - they will almost certainly be missed.

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