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    Website not displaying https in google search.

    Set up a redirect from http to https.
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    XF 1.1 datetime format that is not ISO 8601

    I was looking for an ISO 8601 date output (without time) of a unixtime variable. As mentioned by Stuart Wright and bAstimc, the following two do not work: {xen:date $unixtime, 'c'} returns 'c'. {xen:datetime $unixtime, 'c'} returns a localized datetime string '26. Januar 2019 um 11:00 Uhr'...
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    Best way to redirect to another domain ?

    You can set up a redirect, so that any call to https://www.example.OLD/some/subpath will be redirected to the homepage https://www.example.NEW/ But usually you will want to redirect to https://www.example.NEW/some/subpath This can be achieved e.g. with Apache the following way...
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    Best way to redirect to another domain ?

    Change the domain in the XenForo basic board options. Set up a HTTP 301 redirect from the old to the new domain (e.g. via .htaccess or your hoster's admin interface). Retain the URL path in the redirect. Optional: change all internal links in forum posts, e.g. via SQL REPLACE(). This is not...
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    XF 1.5 HTTP/2 server push

    Nevermind the questions in my previous post. I ran a couple of experiments and conclude: HTTP/2 server push is not worth it for a reasonably optimized XenForo site. I set up "Link" headers for all CSS and JS resources. When configured correctly, Chrome shows in the DevTools network panel "Push...
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    XF 2.0 I know I'm late to this party but... XKeyscore...

    Assuming that your question is sincere: XKeyscore is a passive tool that listens for unencrypted network traffic. Use HTTPS and you're good. Also, apply the latest security patches. Not because of the government, but because otherwise you'll be hacked by random dudes.
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    XF 1.5 HTTP/2 server push

    I'm considering to utilize HTTP/2 server push to improve the XenForo loading time. The idea is to minimize the loading time of render-blocking CSS and JS resources. While HTTP/2 is mostly application agnostic, the webserver requires application-specific hints in the form of "Link" headers to...
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    (xf2) avoid friendly urls in /conversations/

    Conversations are private and so is the title of a conversation. By using friendly URLs, the title leaks out into access logs, browser histories and via referer to third-party websites. Apart from Google Analytics the title goes to log analysis tools like Webalizer or browser toolbars like...
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    Show online status

    Here's the full code if you'd like to leave the visibility option available to admins and moderators. Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> account_privacy <xen:if is="{$visitor.is_admin} OR {$visitor.is_moderator}"> <!-- invisible mode only for admins and mods --> <dl class="ctrlUnit...
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    Show online status

    I ran into the same issue: whenever a user changes their account preferences, they are automatically set to invisible. This can be seen in ACP -> Tools -> User Change logs, where Show online status and Show current activity change to No without the user even noticing. Solution: It's not enough...
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    [8WR] XenAtendo (Events) PRO [Paid]

    Open library/EWRatendo2/Model/GoogleMaps.php and look for the following code snippet at the top of the file: $client = new Zend_Http_Client(''); $client->setParameterGet(array( 'address' => $address, ))...
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    Ads Manager by Siropu [Paid]

    I see, thanks for the quick support. I'd be happy if this was fixed in a future release.
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    Ads Manager by Siropu [Paid]

    Maybe the following symptom is related to the bug: when the checkbox "Count Views" is unticked, it will not be transmitted in form data. Instead of count_views=0 the field will be simply missing from the POST request. Verified with Chrome and Firefox. SQL query as workaround: UPDATE...
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    Ads Manager by Siropu [Paid]

    I have several banner ads, where I would like to disable counting views. I go to ad settings, untick "Count Views", save. However, when I open the settings again, "Count Views" is still active. Am I missing something? The ad is not assigned to a package, if that matters. Ultimately, I would...
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    Design issue Discouraged users can shut down all php daemons

    The implications of stalling the running PHP process and thus potentially the whole webserver should be mentioned in the options screen. The loading delay appears more dangerous to the health of a XenForo site than I would've assumed.