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    Automatically transfer all post attachments to Media Gallery

    Lot's of us have had similar request for years now. I don't think the Devs like the ideas. One of the additional ideas is to have photos from the galleries that are used in a thread/post to then have a link in the Media Gallery that points to the thread/post the photo was used in.
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    XF 1.5 How to add a image to my sidebar with a link

    I just came across this, and it looks like something I would like to add. Suppose I wanted this code to take it to an existing Thread. It would be easy enough find the URL to that Thread, but what would be the Path to the Image that is existing in the Thread if it was uploaded and not...
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    Drag and drop files to upload

    Why would the Devs not read the Suggestion Threads? What is the point of Xenforo having Official Suggestion Threads if the Devs are not going to read them? If the Devs don't read these, Xenforo should just remove the Category, because I think most anyone would think that the Devs would read...
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    Show moderators on the node list

    Showing the Moderators for each forum would seem to be just a default option. To have to have an addon to do it seems odd for something that should be in my opinion a default option.
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    Display threads the media is used/embedded in

    That's understandable, to a degree. Certainly v2.0 was a huge undertaking, and hopefully a worthwhile one. Myself I can't even think of switching over until more Addon's are converted from v1 to v2, but that doesn't seem to be happening very fast either. I think there are quite a few users in...
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    Display threads the media is used/embedded in

    I still think this makes so much sense. I also have had many users ask for this. So I wonder why something that is such common sense of an implementation by users doesn't seem important to the Devs?
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    More flexibility to the gallery-bbcode

    Great suggestions
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    View Pictures across Site on Media Gallery

    I still think this would be an awesome idea. Is the reason it was not implemented in Media Gallery 2 because the Xenforo Mods think its a dumb idea? If you read comments on this first page of this thread it's clear several of them didn't think it made any sense. So are they overruling the...
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    Find where media is used?

    This is an idea that should have been implemented long ago. It just makes so much sense, I don't understand why the two are not linked that way.
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    Display threads the media is used/embedded in

    This is an awesome idea and one that at least a few of us have been asking for. The Media Gallery is an awesome tool, but it also ends up being devisive because if a member posts a photo in the Media Gallery, then people will comment in there instead of the Forum. The Media Gallery should be a...
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    Upload video from mobile phone direct to post

    I just now tried to upload a Christmas display video into a post on my forum and just found out we can't upload videos? 99% of what people upload are photos, so I never tested video uploads before, I just assumed though that videos could be uploaded. BTW I am using XF 1.5. This sure has me...
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    Staying on Xenforo 1 or Upgrading

    What I have looked for and haven't found is a simple comparison between XF1 and XF2 that lists features that vary between the two, and also a list that simply states the upgrades/improvements that XF2 has over XF1. I would hope those lists exist, but I sure haven't found it in my searching. Any...
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    Header Thumbs

    Is there a way to make this work without ImageMagick? I am using a Shared server from A2 Hosting, and they said I could only get ImageMagick installed if I had my own server, not a shared server. My forum is still small and I can't afford to pay for my own server at this point. But I would love...
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    XF 1.5 New Posts Sort order

    In both the Sidebar box and in the Forum listing of the New Posts, when I click on a thread to go view it, I am taken to the bottom post in that thread. Everyone in the forum wants to go to the top Post, the originating post so they can see the New Post (Thread) first. Is there a way to get it...