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Recent content by Jim Fox

  1. J

    Find where media is used?

    This is an idea that should have been implemented long ago. It just makes so much sense, I don't understand why the two are not linked that way.
  2. J

    Display threads the media is used/embedded in

    This is an awesome idea and one that at least a few of us have been asking for. The Media Gallery is an awesome tool, but it also ends up being devisive because if a member posts a photo in the Media Gallery, then people will comment in there instead of the Forum. The Media Gallery should be a...
  3. J

    Upload video from mobile phone direct to post

    I just now tried to upload a Christmas display video into a post on my forum and just found out we can't upload videos? 99% of what people upload are photos, so I never tested video uploads before, I just assumed though that videos could be uploaded. BTW I am using XF 1.5. This sure has me...
  4. J

    Staying on Xenforo 1 or Upgrading

    What I have looked for and haven't found is a simple comparison between XF1 and XF2 that lists features that vary between the two, and also a list that simply states the upgrades/improvements that XF2 has over XF1. I would hope those lists exist, but I sure haven't found it in my searching. Any...
  5. J

    Header Thumbs

    Is there a way to make this work without ImageMagick? I am using a Shared server from A2 Hosting, and they said I could only get ImageMagick installed if I had my own server, not a shared server. My forum is still small and I can't afford to pay for my own server at this point. But I would love...
  6. J

    XF 1.5 New Posts Sort order

    In both the Sidebar box and in the Forum listing of the New Posts, when I click on a thread to go view it, I am taken to the bottom post in that thread. Everyone in the forum wants to go to the top Post, the originating post so they can see the New Post (Thread) first. Is there a way to get it...
  7. J

    Question for any of you guys running automotive related forums or photo contests

    I would also like to find a nice clean solution to a Photo Contest. Even a way to have Photos shown in the poll choices would be great to make the voting cleaner.
  8. J

    Thumbnails as a poll option - photo voting

    I know this is super old, but does this still work with putting the [ img ] code in the answer choice? And where are you getting this [ img ] tag from? I see the [ attach ] ....... [ attach ] or if I right click I get the file name of the photo, but I don't see [ img ] Thanks
  9. J

    [XFA] Medias Contest [Paid]

    Oh that's great! I don't think I need any improvements, I just wanted to make sure it was stable. Thanks so much, I am really seriously considering this addon. Oh, one last question. Do you have plans to upgrade this for XF2?
  10. J

    [XFA] Medias Contest [Paid]

    I see a lot of comments about Bugs and Beta. This addon looks very interesting, is it a stable product now? I think I would like to use it on my actual forum, not a test forum. Thanks!
  11. J

    Google Adsense Not Approved

    I will admit Google AdSense is a bit frustrating in general, not being able to actually talk to someone there is really bad. So I got an email 20 hours ago saying that my application for Google AdSense was not approved due to insufficient content. Then 4 hours ago I got an email saying that my...
  12. J

    XF 1.5 Where to paste initial Adsense code?

    Thank you Andy, that looks like a really great resource. I think once I get approved by AdSense I will get that installed.
  13. J

    XF 1.5 Where to paste initial Adsense code?

    Oh that's helpful! So that code that Google gave me to paste into the forum doesn't have anything to do with my getting approved? Does that code actually place a Google Ad then where I paste the code? Since I had just signed up and was waiting for approval, I thought that code had to do with...
  14. J

    XF 1.5 Where to paste initial Adsense code?

    So putting it in the Ad_header Template is a good place? Where it says in the Template to place Ad code below this comment?