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    XF 1.5 every user has same ip?

    You're assigning the user IP to the server IP in that first line. Why did you insert this code?
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    Forums in Read Only mode, when closed

    Change the 'registered' usergroup permissions to cannot post!
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    XF 1.5 Change Usergroup Certain Countries

    I don't believe there is a way by default it would require an add-on and I'm not sure one exists. There are spam tools that can block/moderate countries though.
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    Ticket Support

    Yes it can be applied per-node.
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    Edit with an addon the Forum.php NodeHandler

    Have you created a template called node_forum_level_3?
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    Edit with an addon the Forum.php NodeHandler

    Also you should probably utilise the edit hint in the code event listeners and strip the if statement out of your listener.
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    Edit with an addon the Forum.php NodeHandler

    Your extend is trying to locate file NodeLvl.php in NodeLvl/XenForo/NodeHandler/NodeLvl.php but your file is saved in NodeLvl/XenForo/NodeHandler.php? Your class name needs to match the directory structure or else the autoloader can't find it.
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion
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    Is anyone using EV SSL certificates here? Did it make a difference as far as user trust goes?

    No, it shows secure to tell the customer the site is securely encrypted.
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    More Official add-ons

    We've already seen that third-party addons are of a high standard and have every opportunity to be wrapped into the core. Chris developed his Gallery as an individual and that got taken on, and so did he. Next time XF decide to expand their team, who better to ask than developer(s) that already...
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    The Importance of Mobile Performance - XF Designers Take Heed

    I'm not so sure if it's "very bad search index" but you'll most definitely be ranked below any competitor sites that are mobile friendly.
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    Browser issue Problem when you tag user on android

    Which keyboard? I don't have this issue. I used to have the recurring character issue but that seemed to just stop a while ago.
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    Block all AdBlockers

    That error looks like it says please enable javascript. What browser are you using and is javascript disabled?
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    Counting members in a usergroup question

    Your query is querying the user_group_id column but I believe secondary ones are stored in a separate column are they not? You have already initialised the xenforo application you should use the built in "isMemberOf" function. You can find the helper in xenforo/template/helper/core.php which...