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    Quick Reply For Guest (Pro) [Paid]

    The old free version of your add-on have the following review posted by @eberkund: Has this been implemented in this Pro version?
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    XF 1.5 All members IP's are the same

    Or do you have nginx running as reverse proxy for Apache?
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    Implemented Accent insensitive search results

    Hi Mike, I might be wrong but it looks like if I choose "Stemming analyzer with language Spanish" then search results become accent insensitive! However I'm scared to use the stemming analyzer with Spanish because afaik XenForo only supports the stemming analyzer in English, right?
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    XenForo on PHP7

    Up to 70% faster compared to stock PHP 5.4+ but who uses PHP without xCache/APC? Again, it doesn't make sense to risk the stability of your 1.5 site upgrading to PHP7 (you don't know if all your add-ons are compatible). It would be way better to wait for XenForo 2.0 and by that time there will...
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    Add-on Searching for (2) add-ons!

    See post above yours.
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    Add-on Searching for (2) add-ons!

    For your request #2 there is no need for an add-on:
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    XF 1.5 XenForo to XenForo import only users

    Thanks for the reply. Two more questions: 1. Do I need to run only "Import Users" or do I also need to run first "Import User Groups" and then "Import Users"? 2. Will this work for a XenForo 1.5.2 to XenForo 1.5.2 import?
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    XF 1.5 XenForo to XenForo import only users

    Hi, I have a forum with tons of members and I want to start a new forum (different domain, different license) from scratch but import all the members that I currently have on my other forum. Can I install XenForo on this new site and then import from my other forum only the users? Thanks.
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    Browser issue Inbox, Alerts menu don't activate on hover on Chrome & IE11

    Can't reproduce this on XenForo Community using Chrome 46.0.2490.80m in Windows 7.
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    Duplicate Daily Stats

    I reported this before and it was marked as browser issue iirc.
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    Other Audit & Code review services requested

    Those certifications mean nothing imho, what is important is the experience of the developers. Iirc none of the XF developers (Mike, Kier and Chris) have any of those certifications but they are senior developers thanks to their experience (especially Mike and Kier) and their coding abilities...
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    Not a bug Bounced email server errors

    No, you will experience this issue from time to time. It is "normal". Source: I'm also using Gmail.
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    Not a bug Bounced email server errors

    This is a service issue (Gmail).
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    Quick Reply For Guest (Pro) [Paid]

    @Nobita.Kun please answer :(