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    vB 3.8 > xF 2.2 migration : 8 months later

    We saw a similar drop after moving from vb3.8 to vb4 and then from vb4 to xf another drop. What's interesting though is that we have multiple forums and one that was moved to xf in 2019 had a less pronounced drop in 2020 and 2021 but now in 2022 has dropped big. We do have one that was moved...
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    Monetization / Header Bidding Setup

    For those of you who use a header bidding partner (ezoic, freestar, adthrive, media vine, etc), I am doing a very casual survey to see if there is a correlation between header bidding partners and organic search performance. Questions: Which header bidding partner do you use? YTD 2022 is your...
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    Threadloom to be retired

    So VS communities will continue to use TL but us needy customers will get the axe.
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    Threadloom to be retired

    Threadloom was bought by VerticalScope. Not sure if they are going to continue using it or sunset it completely.
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    Threadloom to be retired

    Main thing for me is the curated thread newsletter. I'll probably look to have a new xf add-on created that integrates with sendy which uses Amazon ses. Sendy has an api so the add-on can subscribe or unsubscribe users as well as create campaigns.
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    Social Groups for XenForo [Paid]

    Is there a way to organize the groups listing? Ideally with headers since some groups will be on topic and some will be off topic. How about "association with forum" so that the groups could also be listed in the forum?
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    XF 2 Product page & content add-on

    Hello Devs, I have a project brief and mock-ups ready for an XF2 add-on that will create a product database and integrated product pages with: Photos Descriptions Product attributes (specifications) Reviews Linked threads Owner pages (like a showcase) If you're interested in taking a look...
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    XF 2 Editor's Comment as Second Post

    Ah yes. Since I'm just starting now, I don't need to change it but thanks, will bookmark that as well.
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    XF 2 Editor's Comment as Second Post

    Ooh, thanks! You mean this one? That would work for me, just would need to manually keep track of the posts.
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    XF 2 Editor's Comment as Second Post

    I have a new project that I would like you to provide an estimate for. Here are the details: Editor's Comment Add-on Features: 1. Insert a post as the second post of a thread, when desired, even if thread is old or has many replies. 2. Post content is editable from front end. 3. Ability to...
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    Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Can private conversations in the chat be disabled? Sorry if this has been answered before but 114 pages and no way to search this thread. :cool:
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    XF 2 Showcase Add-On (big job)

    I'm looking for a developer to work on a complete "showcase" type add-on for XF2. I am aware of the xenaddons version of Showcase but think that a custom add-on might be the best way to go since we need a number of features that are not incorporated into any existing add-on. Details of add-on...
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    Facebook is killing traditional forums, but there is still time to adapt

    FB grupos have a total garbage format and will eventually die. Reddit is a forum and still growing. If you run it right, a forum is still a great resource. I still seek out forums if I want a question answered.
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    Referral System by Siropu [Paid]

    Purchased. Is it possible to add a google UTM code to the end of all referral links? For example: ?utm_source=referral I don't mind doing it manually but if so where should I add this to the code?
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    Single Sign On (Connect XF with XF, WordPress, etc)

    +5 (one for each of my licenses)