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    XF 2 Product page & content add-on

    Hello Devs, I have a project brief and mock-ups ready for an XF2 add-on that will create a product database and integrated product pages with: Photos Descriptions Product attributes (specifications) Reviews Linked threads Owner pages (like a showcase) If you're interested in taking a look...
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    XF 2 Editor's Comment as Second Post

    Ah yes. Since I'm just starting now, I don't need to change it but thanks, will bookmark that as well.
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    XF 2 Editor's Comment as Second Post

    Ooh, thanks! You mean this one? That would work for me, just would need to manually keep track of the posts.
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    XF 2 Editor's Comment as Second Post

    I have a new project that I would like you to provide an estimate for. Here are the details: Editor's Comment Add-on Features: 1. Insert a post as the second post of a thread, when desired, even if thread is old or has many replies. 2. Post content is editable from front end. 3. Ability to...
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    Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Can private conversations in the chat be disabled? Sorry if this has been answered before but 114 pages and no way to search this thread. :cool:
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    XF 2 Showcase Add-On (big job)

    I'm looking for a developer to work on a complete "showcase" type add-on for XF2. I am aware of the xenaddons version of Showcase but think that a custom add-on might be the best way to go since we need a number of features that are not incorporated into any existing add-on. Details of add-on...
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    Facebook is killing traditional forums, but there is still time to adapt

    FB grupos have a total garbage format and will eventually die. Reddit is a forum and still growing. If you run it right, a forum is still a great resource. I still seek out forums if I want a question answered.
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    Referral System by Siropu [Paid]

    Purchased. Is it possible to add a google UTM code to the end of all referral links? For example: ?utm_source=referral I don't mind doing it manually but if so where should I add this to the code?
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    Single Sign On (Connect XF with XF, WordPress, etc)

    +5 (one for each of my licenses)
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    XF 2.0 Facebook Connect "An error occurred while connecting with Facebook. Please try again later."

    Do you guys have a trailing slash in your forum URL? Setup > Options > Basic Board Information > Board URL Make sure on your facebook app settings, under Facebook Login > Settings: OAuth2 Authorized Redirect URLs this should be set to <XF board URL>/connected_account.php. For example...
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    XF 2.0 Daily Posts (last 24h)

    Try this for a similar result to the 24 hour thread view on vb. It's actually even better for forums that don't have a lot of posts every day as it pulls {{ link('whats-new/posts', null, {'skip': 1}) }}
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    Simple Reddit-Style Upvote/Downvote Add-on

    Oh believe me if I could get what I wanted without paying to create a custom add-on, I'd have gone that route by now. There are many rating and reactions add-ons but none could be configured to do exactly what I wanted, and most had features that I didn't want or need. My approach is to focus...
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    Simple Reddit-Style Upvote/Downvote Add-on

    Yeah I approached them about adding a feature to another one of their add-ons and they said it wasn't a part of the add-on and that was that. Fortunately I've found a provider to do this and I'm thinking it will be nice once implemented.
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    Simple Reddit-Style Upvote/Downvote Add-on

    Hi Charlie, I was hoping the same when I got that add-on but it is lacking a few of the features I need. It only allows voting on replies, not on the original post. Also I want some stats to display on the profile. Thanks for the suggestion, though.