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    Native XenForo App in Development.

    Is it possible to use self-serve ads?
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    Other Waindigo acquired by Audentio

    I always had issues with installing multiple Waindigo add-ons in the past (due to conflicting versions files in the Waindigo library folder). Has this been fixed?
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    Social Groups for XenForo 1.x [Deleted]

    Will I be able to use the vB 4.x importer if I used @Slavik Big Board Importer?
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    Custom Services

    I whole-heartedly agree! Batpool put together a custom script for me and is exactly what I needed. Great price, superb communication and fast turnaround. I'm very impressed.
  5. imagery - Server Configuration / Hosting / Support

    I converted a large forum a few months ago but did not have it optimized. Matt walked me through all the issues, offered his suggestions and detailed the work as he worked on the server. Now the forums are supercharged so that speed is no longer an issue.
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    When I click on the RSVP button it comes up 404 (links to
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    Import from vBulletin

    All permissions show Yes. Here's a screen of the Media section.
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    Import from vBulletin

    No media has been added (it appears as a new installation). Thanks Chris!
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    Import from vBulletin

    I imported Albums from vB 4.2 (took about an hour) and it worked without error and let me save an import log. However, even after rebuilding and checking permissions - no content in the Media section appears?!?