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    Integrated Blogs

    Blog must be added. EVERY other major forum software has it. Another +1 from me.
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    Event Calendar

    A calendar must be added. Another +1 from me.
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    Improve minimum age function

    But how can you ever really know someone's age? You can't, the only thing that might be possible to check that they're 18 or over is use something like paypal or a credit card and ask the member to pay a penny to your site to verify they're at least 18. But even then, that doesn't tell you their...
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    Lack of interest Edit Button Beside Postbit Text

    ... I agree. Click "edit page" and everything you see on that page, you can customise from the size and style of text, to background colours, anything you see.
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    Lack of interest Censor log

    It all sounds great doesn't it, trying to have better "filth filter" options, but they don't work. If anyone wants to get round them, they will. So, I don't really agree with this suggestion.
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    Improve minimum age function

    Exactly. I think I said in my profile here I'm 27. I'm also 6"7, slim and extremely good looking.... Total tosh! Agree. It is not the responsibility of forum owners to check age. Tick a box saying "I am over this age," and that should be that. When the internet started and certain "interesting"...
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    Better functionality to report and moderate illegal hate speech

    I think if your number 8 could be implemented, that would do everything else in your list. I agree. Good list.
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    Better functionality to report and moderate illegal hate speech

    A couple of things here as I think people are getting two different things confused. I cannot comment on American law, I am not American, but every forum I have ever been on is not moderated, it would be impossible for them to be so. Moderation means pre-checking/pre-authorising content...
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    Lack of interest Add option to "Discourage" User Groups

    As a newbie to XF, can't comment on the nuts and bolts of how it would be implemented, but I would support some function, whatever that maybe, to show certain users have been warned both in their profile, but also under their avatar within forums too.
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    All alerts should have email notification options

    That's an excellent idea, get a digest. Agree.
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    Thanks for that whynot. Where is the strike though button? I'm looking at the editing buttons right now and I would have thought it would be next to underline, but the next button along is text colour? And another question for the staff (or whoever) can the default language be changed? I'm...
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    Hi, I started up a basic forum a month ago using phpbb 3.2 software. Although I am happy with it, the software version is new and there are not many mods available for it. Most of my current members are elderly and are used to vbulletin forums, as am I. Therefore, I have some questions before I...