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    [PCN] Spotify BBCode

    I have fixing code for your problem, contact me if you want.
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    Not planned Improvement of tooltips - Tippy.js

    Me: can we have better tooltips? Chris D: we already have
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    Not planned Improvement of tooltips - Tippy.js

    Hi all. I found great library to create own tooltips. There are nice and smooth. Demo: The library has a lot of settings. Current tooltip style has bad animation and design, I think using this library will better for XenForo.
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    Text Logo

    This is bad idea use text to create own logo. The logo is a face of your forum. Hire good designer and pay him 20$ for logo.
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    Username Avatar

    Very bad plugin, because this uses javascript to create avatar. So i see empty space 1-2 seconds, then js creates an avatar.
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    [bd] API

    Hi guys. I made autorization via grant_type=password. I have a stupid question. Is this safe to pass client_id and client_secret to request body and share client_id and client_secret to users?
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    Won't fix .xenOverlay has z-index more than .Menu

    I improved my solution, this good works and i don't have problems for 2 months, but i think this is bad productive code. $(document).one('OverlayOpening', function(){ var $overlay = $('.xenOverlay:not(.Checked)'); var $data =...
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    Won't fix .xenOverlay has z-index more than .Menu

    Mini fix, put this to member_card or create your js file: <script> $(document).one('OverlayOpening', function(){ $('.xenOverlay').find('.Popup').data('XenForo.PopupMenu').$menu.css('z-index', 11111); }); </script>
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    Won't fix .xenOverlay has z-index more than .Menu

    I want to show Menu in overlay, but overlay overlaps menu, because .xenOverlay has z-index more than .Menu (9999 vs 5000)
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    XF 1.5 Change what goes into the total like_count

    XenForo_Model_Like::likeContent XenForo_Model_Like::unlikeContent You need to overwrite this functions. First param is $contentType (post, profile_post, profile_post_comment) So write something like: if (!in_array($contentType, ['profile_post', 'profile_post_comment'])) {...
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    XF 1.5 Ajax call from template

    Firstly, use xenforo ajax function to make requests: XenForo.ajax(url, params, callback) Secondly, don't use html/js in php scripts. You can put your html/js in template.
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    XF 1.5 About Listeners

    There is "Hint" field in event handler. This handler will be called only when XenForo_ControllerPublic_Account class is using.
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    XF 1.5 Function to decide if target=blank or not

    When you call xen:link, script execute renderTagUrl function, then XenForo_Helper_String::getLinkClassTarget. Logic is next: If link is internal - no target blank if link is external - target blank. If you need to change logic, you need to code handler of this function (overwrite function).
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    Not planned [1.x] Improve user deletion

    6k bots are registered on my forum, i'm trying to delete theim by mass users update, but deletion process for every bot is very slow, because script executes 30+ SQL queries for every user. Total 180k+ queries to delete 6k bots... I suggest to execute every $db->delete() function with all...