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    Add search/filter to "Post thread in"

    Look at this jquery plugin
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    Please make the profile post able to upload images For 1.x.x
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    Don't ask user about him message deletion reason

    Hey guys
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    Don't ask deletion reason

    Suggestion: grisha2217 submitted a new resource: Don't ask deletion reason - message deletion reason Read more about this resource...
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    Beta Don't ask deletion reason 1.0.0

    This addon disables message deletion reason popup in profiles/threads. Affect only own messages. Before: You click on "Delete" button near post in thread or profile (or profile comment), system shows confirm deletion dialog with deletion reason field. After: You click on "Delete" button near...
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    Are you still using PHP 5.x? Why?

    I'm using php 7.0+fpm on my forum (attendance is 20k+ per day), this config is very faster than php 5 + apache (and php 5+ fpm), i think many people using old versions, because they don't know about perfomance growth
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    Don't ask user about him message deletion reason

    You said good example, but system can ask deletion reason when user is trying to delete thread. There are 99% cases, when user don't need write deletion reason
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    Don't ask user about him message deletion reason

    yes, it is useful, when posts is deleting by moderators.
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    Don't ask user about him message deletion reason

    99% of all reasons are "useless post", "changed my mind" etc. If message was deleted, so user found it right. Moderator don't receive useful information about user message deletion reason. I speak about reason for user message deletion (no moderator)
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    Don't ask user about him message deletion reason

    After message posting in profile/thread i wanted to delete written message, why i should write delete message reason? For what? For moderators? I think, this function might be deleted or can be disabled (by admin desire).
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    Send user notification about new warning instead conversation

    I think, xenforo should send notification (Alerts tab in xf2) to user about new warning. Why conversation is using to tell about gotten warning? Pressing on Alerts tab is is easier, than click and load a conversation. Alert text maybe be like: You got 2 warning points for "offensive language"...
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    Recent template search

    I would like to open recently searched template on template search page like this: A template will be opened in new tab
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    Upgrade user on user edit page in ACP

    I want to upprade user quickly: Next, popup will be opened and i will select needed upgrade (premium, donater etc) If user has active upgrade, i want to degrade user:
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    XF 2.0 how to change textarea color

    try it .input::-webkit-input-placeholder { color: #fff; } .input:-moz-placeholder { /* Firefox 18- */ color: #fff; } .input::-moz-placeholder { /* Firefox 19+ */ color: #fff; } .input:-ms-input-placeholder { color: #fff; }
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    Fixed Array to string conversion in _checkCsrfFromToken

    Oh, it was fixed, thx to developers