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    XenZine Articles [Deleted]

    No response from @tenants, :(
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    XenZine Articles [Deleted]

    Hi @tenants, is there any update coming or that's it.
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    Flash Clock & Calender for Widget Framework

    Hi, gread mod. I think there is small error on filename on your instructions. Instructions filename: itd001a.SWF Upload flash folder filename: itd001dt.SWF
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    ******* - Hydrogen [Deleted]

    In case someone wants to have navbar text not in uppercase. Appearance > Styles > Hydrogen > Style Property Groups > Header and Navigation > Navigation Tabs Container In Miscellaneous box, change text-transform: uppercase; to text-transform: normal;
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    XenZine Articles [Deleted]

    Have you set correct permissions for that usergroup?
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    XenForo Translation [Greece]

    Hi again. Check line 30, action_not_completed_because_no_longer_logged_in , has both english and greek. I see many lines for addon_id="MemberTravelMap". Well, it was in Greek but not any more as you can see.:)
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    XenForo Translation [Greece]

    Thanks Mr.Panos for the translation.(y) One note, the filenames inside zip, are like this 'language-+Χ+¬+¬+_+_+¦+¦+-¦Β.xml'
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    XenZine Articles [Deleted]

    I think you should share it with the developer to be included in a future update. Then me and many others would buy it for sure.:)
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    XenZine Articles [Deleted]

    That would be a nice feature.;)
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    Where is 1.1?

    any ETA? ;)
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    XF 1.0 Real-World Page Loading Speed

    speed is everything nowdays. visitors/google love it.
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    XF 1.1 Notices

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    I'm here

    I'm here
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    If you build it, they we'll come...

    If you build it, they we'll come...