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    XF 2.1 Does anyone have xf running on kubernetes?

    Any idea if the performance would be acceptable by setting up a persistent volume with, say Amazon EFS?
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    XF 2.1 Does anyone have xf running on kubernetes?

    Did anyone proceed with this? Judging by that repo an addon is required to keep the caches updated across all the pods, does anyone know which versions of XF2 it is for?
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    XF 2.1 User no longer meets trophy criteria, how to remove that trophy?

    Considering that never caught traction, is there anyone who is still interested in this?
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    Fixed Account upgrade thank you message includes incorrect pricing

    Template: payment_received_receipt_user_upgrade I have raised prices on a variety of my upgrades and every time someone's upgrade renews when they signed up BEFORE the price increase, they are being told their account has been upgraded for the new price, which is not true. Their account bills...
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    XenCentral Multisite System [Paid]

    I didn't see this is the XF1 version thread. I used it there and it worked ok. Since there are no new updates to XF1 it probably will still work OK, though this whole addon in general is probably a bad idea anyway.
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    XenCentral Multisite System [Paid]

    I have removed multi site, I don't recommend anyone use it currently. It has a ton of really weird buggy things that might drive the most anal people like myself insane. It ran in production on my site for a few years but it is impossible to keep up with the XenForo updates, not to mention all...
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    [OzzModz] Badges

    Can someone post some screenshots? Also can you award badges based on trophies/user groups?
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    Display post character limit

    Can rich text boxes be limited to match the character limit? Meaning, you either can't type anymore or the character count is displayed in the corner.
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    [ITD] Embedded PDF II

    No idea, I gave up on this addon long ago.
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    XF 2.1 How can I place the sub-forums in a list?

    What about showing sub forums of sub forums to the right of that or something? I feel like the ability to visibly see two levels deep is not good and always hidden behind a click.
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    Collapse ACP Forum Nodes

    I second this request. Has anyone made this or can make it? Thanks.
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    Custom Field Permissions & Edit History

    Without such a feature, it is difficult to manage post approvals/edits without knowing what the previous values were. If something comes into my moderation queue, I have nothing to compare it with. Specifically, I would require the history aspect of the custom fields. The permissions would be...
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    UI.X 2

    I briefly skimmed through the last few pages and didn't see this mentioned, but is this the normal behavior for UIX to display the alert bubble count on narrow mobile views despite having opened and closed the alert panel? When the alert drop down button collapses into the hamburger menu, any...
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    [EAE Add-ons] Thread preview widget

    What about a 'featured' date for a thread? The given options are really not the best for a portal having the same topics re-surface to the top each time a thread gets a reply is not very typical for news sites.
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    [EAE Add-ons] Thread preview widget

    For anyone savvy, you can get rid of this warning yourself by downloading that modified file, generating a sha256 has and updating the file that stores all those hashes, I think its called hashes.json or something like that. The warning will go away and will come back when you update or...