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    Attachment Storage

    What do you mean by "move attachments out of database"? What are you trying to achieve?
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    Third party Unfurl function not reading image secure_url from source site

    The point was we shouldn't have to enable proxy to mitigate the issue where a simple check for secure url that's part of the spec is a negligible change.
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    How To Implement SSL To Secure HTTP Traffic (HTTPS)

    See if they support Let's Encrypt.
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    XF 1.5 License Stolen?

    Find a better friend. If you gave him access to the files, I assume it's via SFTP or SSH? You own the hosting I assume so do whatever you can to revoke the access to the hosting and then you can work on reinstating your own access to the forum itself.
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    Third party Unfurl function not reading image secure_url from source site

    I assume it's taking the og:image metadata for the image. Example: Source shows an og:image and an og:image:secure_url however only the og_image is used therefore it's causing browser warnings for unsecure images. This has nothing to do with using a proxy or not either.
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    Longtime vb3 user... considering a move to XF

    It's out of the box, just try it here.
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    Using Moped Map now, suggestions for another?

    Anyone planning or currently developing a map addon yet? There's currently nothing really available for XF2 beyond the free one. I've used several and my last one by XenFactory was perfect in XF1 but unfortunately they're not really developing addons anymore. Doesn't really even need to have a...
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    Converting from Simple Machines to XF

    Could the XF2 manual be updated then?
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    Converting from Simple Machines to XF

    There's an importer for SMF but you'll need to import into XF1.5 then upgrade that to XF2. The importer is quite easy and you can just duplicate your database and content directory to another location on your server and test the conversion.
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    Front-end verses back-end caching

    Can you elaborate on what you would consider front-end and back-end caching?
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    Anyone use Upcloud and have issues?

    Linode have similar block storage options and pricing as DO. The difference being it's a network attached SSD storage separate from the VPS volume and it's fantastic for allocating set amounts of additional space for a set cost, whilst being very flexible in expanding that attached storage size...
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    Anyone use Upcloud and have issues?

    Adding 100Gb additional storage onto the base 80Gb.
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    Front-end verses back-end caching

    Mysql has its own caches, innodb buffers and such. The more RAM you have available, the more you can allocate to those buffers.
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    the xenForo mobile app created by xenForo, when ?

    Facebook groups have their use but they're not a replacement for a full forum. It depends on what the use case is, the type of content.
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    Help with hosting resources much appreciated!

    If you are able to configure and maintain a server yourself without needing things like CPanel, you can get a lot more for your $$ with a VM instead.