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    XF 1.0 Managing Reported Content

    Looks good guys! Great Job!
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    Location links to Google Maps - awesome!

    Yeah it's not very accurate for ISPs... I just checked mine and I'm in Pennsylvania but my IP address says New Jersey.
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    Lack of interest Suggestion: Group changes to profile page on Everyone Feed.

    I think this is a good idea. Facebook does it pretty well...
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    Fixed  Poll Voters Popup Needs Pagination

    Yeah it looks like this:
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    Search similar threads while typing thread title

    I agree... this would definitely help cut down on the duplicate threads.
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    Implemented  User name suggestion when inviting more users to personal conversation

    I agree... it should be consistent with everything else.
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    Lack of interest Suggestion: Your profile page shows your activity feed.

    I like this idea. Kind of like Facebook's news feed...
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    Fixed  Delete post => take me back to the same page of the thread I was on

    Agreed. This is annoying and should be fixed.
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    Implemented Add a sitemap/quick navigation feature

    I'd like to see this too...
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    Implemented Forum Sitebar

    Will the sidebar include a button to show/hide it? If not, it would atleast be a very easy modification...