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    I have a question

    pay for software (xenforo),Web hosting, domain name. To make the forum or maintain it is free after you pay for those items.
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    Still ticking along, growing and gaining members. This is by far the forum I have worked on the most and built from the ground up.
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    XF 2.2 User Permission

    Will that allow the secondary group permissiont over ride the primary group? Registered group - can not post new thread. after 10 post they get promoted to Established group - which is now set to Yes. but they are still in the registed group as primary.
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    XF 2.2 User Permission

    I need some help with permissions. I have a marketplace but I would like to have user registered and get 10 post before using to marketplace to make new sales listings. RIght now I have a promotion set up to move them to a group that has permission but I am unable to move the primary group...
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    Do you have problems with spam bots? Check this out, it stopped all my problems.
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    After 20 years the FordSix Performance Forum has found it's Xen.

    I think a custom theme would set the forum good to go. Also as a guest some of the forums are private and I can’t read them. I would check permissions. Good luck with xenforo.
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    Military & Geopolitical forum - Defence Hub

    Nice website, looks active and lots of talk. You have done the work just keep it up.
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    New Year New Design. Updated Xenforo to 2.2.2 Purchased Bolt from PixelExit and started editing the theme to fit what I wanted. You can see it live at made various changes in the background to continue developing the forum.
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    Looks good and I like the colors very much but your cookie notice is white color on light brown/tan.
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    Updated Title to a capital L so the robots dont take over.
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    Made many updates to the forum over the past few months. Made a page for gun shows coming up. Tweaked theme in various areas. Combined Handgun and rifle/shotgun marketplace mostly behind the wall type work. Now uploading attachments to Amazon s3. Using SES for email.
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    Thanks. This forum didn’t have much activity besides a few people in 2019 post. I am trying the breath new life into it.
  13. Deathstarr is a fan forum for the Seattle Sea Hawks, I purchased the forum a week ago and went to upgrading the forum and redoing the settings. There are two themes to use a light and dark theme. The theme was Shades of Grey (link) By Gator. The dark one turned out really good and the...
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    Using DigitalOcean Spaces or Amazon S3 for file storage in XF 2.x

    My settings are like the one in the screen print. the bottom two matched.