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    Different worlds we live in on the same planet. We (United States) as a whole are a loving nation. A nation built fighting against tyranny and suppression. Just because they ban certain firearms today what’s next tomorrow or next week. Thanks for your comments everyone if you see anything out...
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    Your right! Adjusted background color to show proper footer links and text.
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    New design from Themehouse new logo made and updated the forum to 2.11. Let me know what you think!
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    Forum Promotion: Best Webmaster, Admin, & Internet Marketing Forum

    currently shows down for me. EDIT: Was just my internet.
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    AlabamaGunForum is the new domain
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    Thanks been working on it for a long time.
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    Looking for some suggestions on my user title ladder names

    I see what your saying, have you thought about continueing with the metals? Silver , bronze, gold, You could use titanium, rhodium and such or go with the army ranking system. If you want to stay with the metal and gems you could combine two but right now I see three different category’s...
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    What's the easiest hosting provider?

    Im cheap so I run my forum on, has not let me down yet and has backups in panel as well as I am able to offload them.
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    Spam! Everyday

    Correct no staff in that one. Running the recaptcha, stopforumspam, and Cloudflare as well as using the htaccess has eliminated all spam from my forum other then real people spamming. That’s is why i suggested it. Good luck feel free to reach out to me anytime.
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    Spam! Everyday

    You may want to read this:
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    I would block via Cpanel or htaccess. I use Cloudflare now and seem to have better results also. My traffic is lower now but more quality.
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    Mainly look at the start date of the thread.
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    Third party Facebook share - no image

    Facebook does say it takes time for the og:img
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    Is your forum being hammered by Bots?

    My site seems to be fine as far as speed for me. After I added Cloudflare the speed seemed to increase for me personally. Even new threads load quicker. The bots were my problem.