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    [bd] Paygates

    Hello I have tried to install this and I get this error.... ...The files associated with this add-on could not be found. Please upload them and try again. I have uploaded them in the right place. I tried twice the second time I uploaded them ASCI mode. I've also uploaded it via cPanel &...
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    No status

    No status
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    [8WR] XenAtendo (Events)

    After trying everything I can with this hack and getting little to no response I have uninstalled it for my site. Too bad its so buggy and does not work as it should. It could be helpful to use on a site like mine.
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    [8WR] XenAtendo (Events)

    No why would I do that? I want users to post their events that is the whole point of having it installed. Otherwise its useless to have on the site! Revoking permissions is no where in site for the usergroups. Regular members perms: Mods Perms: VIP Members Perms: Admins Perms...
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    [8WR] XenCarta (Wiki)

    Here we go again, this is the second hack I've used or installed that is not working properly. I HAVE ALL the permissions already set and I have no links to create or edit any pages. Admin perms in admin panel: The Wiki as I see it after the install: When I visit this page to create...
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    [8WR] XenAtendo (Events)

    Hello, I have searched this thread and everywhere and I cannot find an answer to my problem. I installed this with no problem on my board and I posted a event with no problem, but when I view the event I see the first screen shot. How do I "approve" the event and why should I have to since I...
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    Implemented Moderating posts in a specific forum

    I would like to request that a moderation tool be added to moderate posts in a specific forum area. I would like to have it where people can see the posts in that forum, but when they post it is not shown until an administrator approves it.
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    Minimum Number Of Posts To Enter Forums

    That could be controlled by usergroups most likely. Make a new usergroup that is not allowed access to the forum and then set the forum permissions for that usergroup in the admin panel to not see the forum. Now if you want them to eventually see that forum, then that might be another deal all...
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    A shop integration of some sort...

    that would be nice :)
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    ForumCoding Software porting to xenforo

    Was looking at your product system. Any idea as to when you may have it released for XenForo. Looks like what I've been looking for my site.
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    A shop integration of some sort...

    Ah ok thanks. Guess there is no date set on when though it looks like. He has quite a few vb mods so it may take some time to convert them all to XenForo.
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    A shop integration of some sort...

    Just looked at his site and I do not see anything about a cart for XenForo.
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    Lack of interest Search feature in styles template area

    Yeah I did not say anything about the eye roll it pisses me off. I've had it not find exactly what I need in the templates on many different software platforms including vbulletin, wordpress etc. It will find everything else all over the "actual" web page but not inside a template.
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    Lack of interest Search feature in styles template area

    Its never works for me when editing a template within a script/software so it does not matter. I prefer something within the software itself because it usually always works.
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    Lack of interest Search feature in styles template area

    That is exactly what I'm talking about and no using the browser search does not always find what you need within templates. I've always found that an inner search has done the job.