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    XF 1.4 Small group of users unable to stay logged in (Safari / iOS)

    One more followup. I do have at least one user who has a 3rd gen ipad, uses Safari, it checking "stay logged in" and is not in private mode, yet he is always getting booted (I know, because he constantly lets me know about it). Are there any issues or other things to check that I am not aware of?
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    Add-on "Users viewing nodes, forums, threads" - good budget & conditions

    @dutchbb This is exactly what I need as well. I'd be willing to throw some $ your way to share? Did you ever get this completed?
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    Add-on Classifieds addon development discussion

    1-2 and I also would like the option of free with paid ability (upgrade) as well. If I had to choose one or the other - paid. Thanks!
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    [TH] Donate - Multi-campaign manager [Deleted]

    @ThemeHouse have any of the above been addressed behind the scenes or ? I'm thinking of buying this add-on (and also would love the open ended option), but it's coming off as a bunch of open "issues" so wanted to check. Thanks!
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    I just tried to install this with the Insta;; & Upgrade Add-on and got this: Callback Andy_Donations_Listener::addNavbarTab is invalid (Invalid Class). FYI - a manual install works like a champ.
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    Great addon! One issue I ran into today, want to make sure I am using it correctly. I had removed the video category under options as I did not want all the ones in there except the ones that were default to xenforo. When I unchecked those, it actually overwrote and removed the default...
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    Awesome, thanks!
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    Is there a way, that once you uncheck categories from the options screen, that it only shows the sites from your enabled categories on the embed media screen? I only have music and movies checked, but still see this on the embed modal:
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    After searching what adds bigFooter etc. - I do see that there may be an issue with the core UI.X style. One thing I did not do initially, it turn the addon off before installing. Could that have caused all this? If I look at the templates currently for UI.X, I see this: When I view...
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    Hey guys - I am updating UI.X on my dev server and am experiencing an issue with the footer. I see the "why" with the code issue, but I do know the solution as I thought I updated properly. Comparing code and looking in Firefox, the actual code output/css is different. I use a child theme of...
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    Add-on New Classifieds Add-on - (Draft)

    I had been watching the other one for a while now but not pulled the trigger due to the support situation. That said, I would pay more than the norm for a classified addon. I realize it is a decent undertaking, so I would pay accordingly. Anxiously awaiting... :)
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    XF 1.4 Small group of users unable to stay logged in (Safari / iOS)

    Just a follow up on this thread for future visitors (like myself) who come across this after converting their forum. I have been having this "issue" on my iphone, as well as several users. Just like @kontrabass mentioned, I was in private mode without even realizing it on my iphone. To...
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    Our Adsense history

    How did you get your ban lifted, and how did you go about finding all the content that may put you in harm's way with them? I was booted about 2 years ago, and they mentioned everything from pictures to cursing. Whenever they would send a specific URL I would always erase / edit it within...
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    Ugggg. Should I just put tapatalk back in?

    UI.X just implemented this as well. Still need to test on my dev server to see how it all works.