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    Implemented Include Cloudflare "Turnstile" as a CAPTCHA Option

    @digitalpoint with your implementation, if you happen to have a template that contains two forms where each of those forms displays a captcha, does it double render for you also? Disabled it on the XF site for now but this post shows what was happening to our contact form: The other captchas...
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    Implemented Include Cloudflare "Turnstile" as a CAPTCHA Option

    But it’s rolled out here already if anyone wants to see it.
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    Implemented Include Cloudflare "Turnstile" as a CAPTCHA Option

    Fair enough. I want to make some changes to the captcha system overall so we can add context to the captcha being performed as I think Cloudflare let’s us log that and be seen in analytics.
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    Implemented Include Cloudflare "Turnstile" as a CAPTCHA Option

    Implemented in XF 2.2.11 🙂 (Sorry Shawn)
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    My addon

    You've done it. It's just about being logged into this forum once in a while so you can check to see if you have any reports of issues or outstanding support requests. If you do not visit the forum then we have to assume that the add-on is no longer maintained. As you have visited just now...
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    Not a bug URL Forwarding bug

    Node descriptions accept HTML. That HTML redirects to the specified URL. Don't use that HTML.
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    Not a bug Unexpected (but understandable) js-disabler behavior

    Yeah essentially the usage of non-unique IDs is the main culprit here which, as noted, there are workarounds for so this isn't something we'd view as a bug.
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    Not a bug Editing posts, profile posts, and profile post comments resets `embed_metadata` to stock variant

    What information exactly are you storing in those fields and expecting to be maintained? I don't see any issues with XFMG gallery embeds being maintained after edits, for example.
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    Implemented Can you make the "Display order" Drag & Drop capable?

    There are already various systems that have a drag and drop ordering system and can be implemented by add-on developers if they wish for their own content. What are you suggesting drag and drop sorting be implemented for?
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    XF 2.2 Function libxml_disable_entity_loader() is deprecated

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    attachment media (videos) higher than 128M won't save (line through filename)?!

    If you’re using Cloudflare then there is a hard limit imposed by their proxy. If not then the other things to check noted above are worth checking.
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    Any sort of roadmap for Xenforo 2.3 ?

    Same code but with a small amount of customisation on top. There are no plans for divergence or to change our licensing model.
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    Any sort of roadmap for Xenforo 2.3 ?

    A lot of people do. And we thankful that so many existing XF customers have given it a try. The argument that I didn’t want it therefore I don’t care about it overlooks that it is a very profitable mechanism of providing a service or a software and ultimately benefits all customers because it...
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    Current state of XF and the participation of the XF Team

    As has always been the case, support from staff is only guaranteed via the ticket system where you may well be greeted by any one of the staff including Jon (@Slavik), Paul (@Brogan), Me, Kier, Gems (@Gemma Eastwood), Aakif (@NixFifty) and Jeremy (@Jeremy P) depending on what the specific query is.