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    Fixed Moderators can access user email addresses via spam cleaner (GDPR legal issue)

    Although I fundamentally disagree that this is a GDPR concern, we've gone ahead and removed the email address in both XF1 and XF2 anyway. This place is the only place that a user's email address is "leaked" to a moderator, so at best it seems inconsistent.
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    Sandbox? Child Instructions?

    If you require support you need to be licensed and posting in the appropriate forum.
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    Duplicate Suggestion: Yahoo! integration

    This is indeed implemented in XF2. You can even try it out here.
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    Duplicate IG post are not responsive

    It’s fixed in XF 2.0.10 which is yet to be released.
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    Editing a user gives me an error

    If it’s what we’ve seen before then it could relate to incomplete user records. You can fix it with the SQL query I posted here:
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    MG 2.0 Is there any way with XMG or is there an add-on to allow for a slider(s) on set pages?

    You can use the widget system in XF2 for this.
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    [XFRM] Include $attachment in logDownload

    It's a little bit icky, but it's not actually that difficult. I'd just extend logDownload and use: $attachments = $version->Attachments; if ($attachments->count() > 1) { $attachmentId = $this->app()->inputFilterer()->filter('file', 'uint'); $attachment = $attachments[$attachmentId]; }...
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    As designed Your content shows (ubb) code instead of smilies

    We strip HTML there (which includes BB code and smilies). The other image is actually emoji text.
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    Duplicate Missing whitespace in image proxy log

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    Not a bug <xf:callbac> has bug I think

    We can only provide support to licensed customers. Once you associate your forum username to the Forum users page in the customer area you will be able to post in the Development discussions forum for help.
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    Register fails if IP changes

    Just wanted to offer an alternative to editing the core code directly if you need to use this as a workaround. Instead, you can actually make the changes by editing your config.php file and extending the session.public container: $c->extend('session.public', function(\XF\Session\Session...
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    Not a bug Demo no Captcha on mobile

    This isn't actually a bug with the software itself, so not something that belongs here. Either way, there's not a lot we can do about it if those software vendors are separately or jointly blocking reCAPTCHA. That's something to be resolved on their side.
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    Fixed Alt-D (going to addressbar) delete selected text in editor

    2.0.8 and 2.0.9 were security releases. The next maintenance release will include any fixes since the release of 2.0.7.