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    Upgrade 1.04-1.2, Lost some custom templates and phrases

    Still not sure why a few of mine disappeared and others survived though. Here's an example from my listener that was working fine and is using a template hook that exists before and after upgrade. if( $hookName=='header'){...
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    Upgrade 1.04-1.2, Lost some custom templates and phrases

    Thanks for feedback. I'm not 100% clear how you define "the master style". I have debug mode on for my IP only on live site and am not clear about what I can see regarding "master style" that I don't see in the templates themselves regardless of debug mode being active or not. I should note that...
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    Similar thread For Xenforo

    crashes my threads: Server Error Undefined variable: threadid XenForo_Application::handlePhpError() in ******/MoreThread/Model/MoreThread.php at line 23 ******_MoreThread_Model_MoreThread->getListSimilarThread() in ******/MoreThread/ControllerPublic/Thread.php at line 8...
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    Upgrade 1.04-1.2, Lost some custom templates and phrases

    Doing a local XAMP dry run of upgrade, the installer worked fine however I had anticipated some outdated templates to show up due to addition of some custom templates and extra hooks in original templates. Running check for "outdated templates" came back with none, similarly for outdated...
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    Not a bug Lightbox only triggers on last image in collection

    Example: lbTrigger class is only applied to last <a> tag, all others are class=internallink which open image url but clicking on last image brings whole collection into lightbox slideshow
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    Minimum Number Of Posts To Create Threads In Certain Forums

    Can this add on be used to send posts to moderation if #posts less than criteria set, rather than disallow completely?
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    [bd] Widget Framework

    I did upgrade right away with 1.08 and had no problems with upload, or upgrade from ACP. Thanks xFrocks, keep up the good work
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    [bd] Widget Framework

    Any update on next release? We are also experiencing incorrect avatars and reply member links as well , noted in previous bug mentioned above by gltdn
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    [bd] Widget Framework

    Bug If forum is in moderation, and post is not approved it still shows in "recent" prior to approval. Is there a better place to report bugs than in a 300+ post thread?
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    Calling included templates

    I'm new to using this system, and a bit leary about template edits also , so another thing I've been trying is going back to the nearest existing hook, creating my own template within the hook and assigning it to my own add-on. This way I can replace template sections leaving the default...
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    Calling included templates

    I've been successful adding my own hooks in a few places and adding them to a template hook listener hook name="myHookName"
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    XenApi - An opensource web API for XenForo

    Like to use this to build an ajax module on another part of a site to show things like recent threads. A list of URL params would be really helpfull, don't see one on GIT anywhere
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    Modification best practices

    In the video tutorial on using template hooks, I believe I understood from Kier's explanation that using template hooks is preferred to hard coding templates themselves due to potential for out of date templates causing upgrade issues. There are tons of template modification suggestions all...
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    Lack of interest RSS Links Threads not reply, no content

    Just installed my first Xenforo and wanted to watch "AddOns" forum via RSS . The RSS feeds are not adding page or post hashes for the most recent reply and they contain no content. This doesn't make for very user friendly output in an RSS reader. Can easily replicate comparing "Latest" link in...
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    Import - Match data fields from old forum

    Thanks Jake, Although I don't understand the "lft" and "rft" fields for nodes in xf_node table, I managed to get my full import up and running from an ancient coldfusion script in MSQL