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    Where are Kier and Mike?

    Boy I'm getting old.
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    German support and German language package

    Remembering these days where we've started the translation work and discussions.
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    XF 2.2 Welcome to XenForo 2.2 / What's still to come

    It seems I have to take a closer look again after a restrained abstinence.
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    [XenCrea] Space [Paid] [Deleted]

    Looks like a great style.
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    Add-on Formula 1 Betting game

    yeah maybe you have time/the right mood for this :D
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    Add-on Formula 1 Betting game

    Don't want to be in competition with you, Paul :) My (yet to be re-opened) forum is german only.
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    Add-on Formula 1 Betting game

    From what I've seen it uses cash/point systems. I just want that user xyz choose the first 10 drivers from place 1 to 10. eg my bet: 1. vettel 2. massa 3. hamilton 4. perez 5. alonso 6. rosberg 7. button 8. sutil 9. raikkönen 10. maldonado results 1. vettel 2. massa 3. hamilton 4. bottas 5...
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    [XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game [Deleted]

    Do you miss something?
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    Add-on Formula 1 Betting game

    Hy, I'm looking for a formula 1 betting game. Users should be able to bet the first 10 drivers, points according to official point system. bonuses for bet on winner, bet on first three, all 10 positions correct. Could be similiar to this one...
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    Wii U

    While I wanted to buy one on release date I'm fine now with my Wii for the kids. I too own a PS3 and think that's enough. Sadly I don't have more time to be more than a casual player. Sadly Nintendo couldn't delivery some great new console with the WiiU. Graphics are better but the technique is...
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    A sincere thanks to the community!

    All the best and I'm sure sometimes we'll see you again ;)
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    Admin Extra 3.0

    New Posts 1762 I guess I have to catch up something there.
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    Lack of interest using "title" instead of "alt" for Avatars ?

    Not that good. Please read: W3C: