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    AdSense shaved 80%

    Not going to post them here in public as there are a lot of good potential ad partners out there, just need to look beyond Adsense. Feel free to drop me a pm
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    AdSense shaved 80%

    I don't understand why forum owners keep working with click-through networks such as Adsense and MediaNet. Forums produce pageviews and lots of them and that should, imo, be the strategy to follow: CPM monetization. Why bother your readers with in content ads why you can have a clean looking...
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    AdSense shaved 80%

    HI @Anatoliy I know what you are feeling and those of us with experience with badsense/sadsense for sure had the same in the past. Me too, but I can only give you one tip. If your site's size allows you to ditch Adsense and go with another provider who manages your ad stack go for it as all...
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    MG 1.1 Hide media gallery sidebar>?

    Which template is this on?
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    Multiple Instances of Resource Manager

    This would be a great addition
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    XF 2.1 Two sidebars on Xenforo 2

    I am bumping this one more as well. Happy to pay for a good working solution actually so hit me up if you know how to properly do this.
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    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Nope, I think 50% of our revenue was clawed back last month due to this.
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    Add-on [Paid] XenForo ↔ Craft CMS user account bridge

    Did you ever found a solution for this @Cala_Marie?
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    XF 2.1 Two sidebars on Xenforo 2

    Thanks @Russ. If this works fine on mobile too I am very much interested to hear how to do this.
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    RIP Jeremy

    Very sad to read this. Rest is peace Jeremy. My thoughts are with his friends and relatives.
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    RaceDepartment now on XenForo

    We have purchased the mod from TH to do it so it will be live in a bit. We first need to make some more urgent changes before implementing it.
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    RaceDepartment now on XenForo

    Added a like to that initiative for sure. +1 for a CMS :)
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    RaceDepartment now on XenForo

    If that is the case I hope their hints will be a bit more clear so I am not going to waste many hours and money on a custom solution if there is something in the works. Anything official mentioned anywhere @l3ta?
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    RaceDepartment now on XenForo

    On the UI.X 2 framework now, one stop closer in connecting our forum to a future wordpress CMS.
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    Same problem for me. Searched everywhere but must keep overlooking the solution. Did you manage to resolve this?