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  1. B looks fantastic. I've got one xf site that is pretty vanilla... looks fantastic. I've got one xf site that is pretty vanilla,, and am about to build a new site, from scratch. How about a little input on your design, sources you used, guidance on putting something with a similar look together. Thanks! edit...
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    upgrade problem

    YES! That did it, I just created a blank PHP file with that name, in the internal_data directory and the upgrade is now complete. It looks like everyone lost their avatars, but at first glance, that is the only problem. thank you, thank you!
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    upgrade problem

    No, nothing there, just index.html
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    upgrade problem

    I tried the upgrade link, wound up back at the fresh install. I don't quite understand what Jefro did, uploaded the ...install-lock.php file? Where do I get that? Do you think that I overwrote everything? I am worried, as I also just found out that there may not be a back up. I am with a...
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    upgrade problem

    Just tried to upgrade from 1 to 2 and am stuck with this From there I cannot log in as an admin, it is just stuck on this page. Once the new files were uploaded and I went to the install link, I was taken to a regular install link, not the...
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    XF 1.0 Relative Timestamps

    This feature jumped right out at me, as my Vb forums often have time come up as a topic, long story. Anyhow, I love it!
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    Do you have any pets?

    Last year, we went through an overseas move, left our animals with family, on another continent. We have been without pets for over a year. BUT, we just bought a house, will be moving into it in a month or so. My two young kids are crazy to get a dog, cat, both?!?! In our last home we had...
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    learning and loving xenForo

    learning and loving xenForo
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    Xenforo & Wordpress Bridge

    Cannot say how many times I tried to get a WP bridge working well with Vb. Came pretty close a couple of times, but it always came back to bite me. I think the bridge is a wonderful idea, support it.