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    chrome's dropdown - extra space is annoying ? A spot for ads ?

    still not a good buy as it stands I'm afraid :p Mine behaves like this and it does on every other computer I've ever remoted into in my job. They can't really put ads in a space when the space is dynamic like that.
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    feedback on a good 27+ inch monitor for programmers?

    I can second this monitor, it's great. You get basically the same resolution/size as these 27 inch 2560 x 1440 monitors, but that extra 16:10 aspect gets you the extra vertical space/pixels.
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    Logo input

    take a look at for some free (or paid) ones. It's not like all your users need the font too if your just using it for a logo and so saving it as an image anyway. Might find something more 'car' like for example.
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    Food Pr0n - Fantasia revisited.

    ********it, I knew what was likely to be in this thread, more Kim pictures, yet I still clicked on it. I'm hungry now :(
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    XF 1.1 IO limit problems during fresh install

    well, 10min after posting the above, on the 6th attempt, the problem fixed it's self for no reason. Got to love it when computers do that.
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    XF 1.1 IO limit problems during fresh install

    Hi, I'm trying to install a fresh copy of 1.15 into a password protected subfolder for testing purposes. I have uploaded the files, added the database in cpannel and the installation begins, writes the config file OK, 'verifys configuration' then after pressing the 'begin installation' button...
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    Logo Disrespect

    Well, if it were a problem I felt the need to address this way, I would probably make a additional usergroup for the purpose as a flag, rather than just that user ID, so it could be used for other troublemakers.
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    Logo Disrespect

    So only they see the logo and no one else does. It would just be my way of keeping the users clear attempt to aggro the forums admin out of the way without encouraging the user to further escalate.
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    Logo Disrespect

    I'd just add some code to the user bit that checks if the user viewing the userbit is the poster, if not, it just dosent show the logo.
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    Logo is cut off in footer if screen is too small - help!

    Change the width CSS of your "logo_column" div from 17% to auto.
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    Help, my Chrome got self-destructive!

    Might be too late now, but I've often found that while people look at extensions, they sometimes neglect to check the 'plugins' page as well. (chrome: plugins) in the address bar.
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    Is the internet making people more stupid?

    Hi Adam, I can't speak for what anyone else you have seen ment by this, but in the type of things I'm thinking of, every source dosent say X is true, only some of them. I would say that the people I would accuse of being lazy have only looked up their information from a limited ammount of...
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    Is the internet making people more stupid?

    As has been said, the Internet is just a medium, but the instant nature of it makes it easy to highlight stupid/lazy people. I'm sure some of you have heard of people who spend their time waiting for a well known person to die/marry/devorce or otherwise do something newsworthy then edit their...
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    KeyCaptcha... and it's weird methods.

    I just googled keycapatcha and went to their demo page. I'm using a 30" monitor with a 2560 x 1600 resolution on my desktop. I tried the first demo on the magnetic tab. The image was too small to see clearly on this monitor. The 'jigsaw' pieces were even smaller and only after doing some...
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    Your Starship Name.

    Starship Navy Blue Jaffa Cake