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    Not a bug Notable members

    Click: Members - In title: Notable members May be update to simple: Members
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    broken link in description Bugs are moved here after they have been handled in the Open Bug Reports forum. Need update to correct url.
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    Fixed Styling the Media gallery slider arrows

    @Chris D forgot change status after topic move ;)
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    Fixed Text color - design issue or not?

    Browser Firefox 56.0.2 64 bit OS Windows 10 Pro Screenshot in attach..
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    Duplicate [Resources] User Avatar

    Hello, Firefox 9.0.1 (win7) URL: The user avatar instead of being stretched in a frame very much free space, you may want to reduce the frame to fit the avatar, or vice versa stretch avatar. Screenshot:
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    Fixed Your Acount -> People You Ignore

    Confirmed in 1.1.0 RC1.
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    As designed AdminCP -> Tools

    If this is not a bug, please move the topic to request new features, the problem is urgent.
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    As designed AdminCP -> Tools

    Mike, the problem is that in this place, this phrase is translated is not true, you could add a separate sentence for the location? Either make that phrase is used in the left column - there is translation right ....
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    As designed AdminCP -> Tools

    AdminCP -> Tools Do, please, that under the picture "Server Error Log" - used the same phrase as in the left column, and not from another variable, since an error in the translation into Russian, or add a single sentence to describe specifically under the picture.
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    As designed More and more problems with tabs

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    Fixed Member Card - Ignore for Guest

    If you go to the forum as a guest of member card - a link is displayed Ignore. Screenshot:
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    Search -> More Options...

    Fixed. Thanks you.
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    Fixed Your Acount -> People You Ignore

    Hmm, already fixed. Only now is there now displays the text: A server error occurred. Please try again later. I think the phrase should be clearly different, please check.