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    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid]

    As you know, We have already had "post liked" or "react" event function. But this event functions works all contents. It should be more efective, if we can seperate only first post "react" or "liked". Thus, depending on the effect the content gets, we can only give credit to the post owner. Not...
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    [BS] Multi-account detector [Paid]

    Hello @djbaxter , I just want the account owner to use an account like netflix. I want to see this when the member shares his account with his friend on my forum site. Is it possible to remove such a plug-in? Thank you in advance for your reply.
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    [tl] Anonymous Posting [Paid]

    Subject owner is private, comments are not private. Is this option possible?
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid]

    Hello @DragonByte Tech , I want to reduce the credit of members who have not visited the forum in a long time. Is there a way to do this in your plugin?
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    Increase Registrations by Blurring Post Text [Paid]

    Hello, I don't want this plugin to increase registrations. I want to increase paid registrations. Please update the plugin by user group.
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    [xenbros] whatsapp Chat for Xenforo [Paid]

    I bought this plugin. But XF 2.2. does not work for. When will the update come?
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    Attached file problem

    Two different tracks conflict with each other. The member cannot see the attached pictures. Members can upload pictures. I want to use the above two features at the same time. May upload pictures but not see all loaded pictures.
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    Attached file problem

    I want the user not to see the picture attached to the topic. But when I do this the user cannot upload pictures. I want it to upload a picture. But you can't see pictures added on other subjects. When I check Can't see pictures, it can't upload pictures at the same time. Two different user...
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    What are you doing on instagram, tiktok, facebook and twitter? :)
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    Album viewing authorization and media ranking

    Recommendation 1: View an album Media viewing authorization can be arranged according to user group. Album viewing authority should also be given according to the user group. Recommendation 2: Media ranking Media are listed only by date. Instead, the option to sort by evaluation should be...
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    XF 2.2 How do I know if the article has been fixed?

    Forum type: article How can I view pinned articles? There is no indication that the article is fixed.
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    XF 2.2 Why do you think this problem occurs?

    I've tried all browsers ..
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    XF 2.2 Why do you think this problem occurs?

    Videos do not open in the forum. What could be the problem?
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    Add-on Follower Plugin

    I want to have a plugin that shows the number of followers and the most followed members list of the users in the forum.
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    I'm looking for a polled support plugin.

    Hello, I want to ask the user a question at the end of the support. Sample: Are you satisfied with the support provided to you? Did our customer representative help you? Has your problem been solved? Is there such a support plugin?