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    Moving Forum Lisence

    I've got a little bit similar situation, with the same title I wanted to ask :) A have forum and want to move all forum (with all actual members, informations, themes , etc. ) to new domain name. This will be the same serwer, but a different catalogue. What should I do? Should I move...
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    Simple Forms [Paid] [Deleted]

    I'm not fluent in english and I'm not sure it will be right for me. I asked in that thread, could you look at and tell is your addonworkable for my needs?
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    Simple Forms Addon - BETA

    so... is there any official version ready?
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    [Add More Video Sites] BB Code Media

    I've go a problem with one user, who permanently paste youtube links into threads. How to disable permission to add bbcode media sites for that user? Is it possible?
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    Member Map

    I found It! :-) now it's hidden in users scrolling menu BIG THANKS!:-)
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    Member Map

    Strange. I uploaded new Member Map ( v1.0.5-2)and I can't see it on my forum :confused: permissions are OK... upload is done and I made upgrade, too.
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    Member Map

    1.0.5 with XF 1.1
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    Member Map

    I fixed Member Map after upgrading to newest Xenforo version and it was all OK. Today I disabled all addons and the only change was , error 6. memberMap_ControllerPublic_MemberMap->actionIndex() in Dark/TaigaChat/ControllerPublic/Index.php at line 8 dissapeared I reinstalled shoutbox and...
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    Member Map

    so, what should I check? I'm not familiar with that error information. I'm not wiseman with html :confused:
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    Member Map

    Could it be because of I installed shotbox TaigaChat?
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    Member Map

    help! I reinstalled new version and still the same error.
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    Member Map

    strange problem with member map. I didn't change anything and today there's an error: Server Error json_encode() [function.json-encode]: Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument XenForo_Application::handlePhpError() json_encode() in XenForo/ViewRenderer/Json.php at line 179...
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    "more than one" prefixes in one thread

    I mean, some "thread themes" or names are compatible with two or more prefixes I created and It would be great to have possibility to add two or more prefixes when "create the thread" for example: in my forum will be list of microphones and prefixes will be "groups of instruments" you can use...
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    Form Addon

    I'm hardly interested to have that form, too. I already need that kind of add-on to implement with my forum, but as I see, nobody knows how long does it take to release it... :confused:
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    automatically added blank form in thread

    I read that thread and it looks that this add-on is not finished yet. Is that the only option?