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    Keyword Linking by Siropu [Paid]

    I don't understand. Mouseovers and Tooltips adjust fine on large monitors even when set to very high magnification. The Reaction menu is hard to pop on many touchscreen devices but the display adjusts fine when it does. Anyone interested in the meaning could click or tap to make the tooltip...
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    Keyword Linking by Siropu [Paid]

    It may not be so bad this case. There isn't much difference for the user to mouseover or click, which would be a tap on a touchscreen. I wonder if the add-on could be configured for a mouseover or click/tap to pop?
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    Keyword Linking by Siropu [Paid]

    I have been evaluating Keyword Linking on other Websites and can't get it to display a tooltip using a touchscreen interface. More than half of our members use smart phones and tablets. Is it possible to make the tooltip pop when tapped or clicked on?
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    RM Reviews unfurl

    If you are suggesting making Resources unfurl like most post, I agree.
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    Add Google My Maps to Media

    We are considering starting a project using Google My Maps to catalog dive sites. It would include onshore and offshore locations with links to threads on our board. It would be very useful if we could imbed the map in posts instead of just unfurling a URL. Ideally, a Google My Maps URL could be...
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    One tap to open reaction menu

    True, but there is a momentum issue. People have gotten used to decades of seeing "Like". A tooltip might help the transition. I suppose "Like" could one day change to something "Vote"?
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    One tap to open reaction menu

    I suggest taking it a few steps farther. Click to open the Reactions and Share this post menu, and not just for mobile. Many of our members using mice click the Like so fast they haven't noticed the Reactions menu. I suggest making the mouseover of these two items pop a tooltip and a click/tap...
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    Change mouseover behavior for Reactions and "Share this post" menus

    I missed that, thanks. In addition I suggest including the "Share this post icon" and having a mouseover pop a tooltip for both instead of popping the menu.
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    Change mouseover behavior for Reactions and "Share this post" menus

    I have never been able to get mouseovers to work on Windows 10 touchscreens. We have a lot of members that can't seem to make it work on their smart phones.
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    Change mouseover behavior for Reactions and "Share this post" menus

    The current mouseover behaviors of Like/Reactions and the "Share this post" menus are difficult to impossible to access on touchscreen interfaces. I suggest changing them to a tooltip on mouseover and require clicking or tapping to pop the menu. This will require an extra click if the member...
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    Lack of interest Allow User Banners to have links and be clickable

    I missed the voting deadline but +1 for me.
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    Lack of interest Option to link logo different URL

    We have been changing logos for different event, like the passing of a member or a holiday. It would be really useful if we had the option to link the logo to a different URL but still have the Home tab go to our home page. It would be very intuitive for a member to click on the logo to...
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    XF 2.2 Amazon unfurl

    We have been getting complaints that Amazon URLs are being converted to Media and AdBlock is making them disappear: The Amazon URL be being converted to: Here is a live example. Pasting this URL on a blank line...
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    Fixed Image Popup not becoming visible on all/small images

    Installed it this weekend, works great. Thanks.
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    Forum opt-out

    User groups and options in Preferences limit access to some of our professional and non-diving forums now but that is a small percentage of our ~500 forums. We could really use more granularity than is practical to configure in Preferences. For example, most members in Europe have no interest...