Game Rebels Profile Page

Game Rebels Profile Page

Just trying to get the right look for our users :)
Would you get back on
I would love to be apart of it.
I would love to. GameRebels was a deep passion of mine.

Unfortunately, the amount of resources it would take to get the site up to XenForo 2 would be a lot. It currently still is on XenForo 1.5 as there is a tremendous amount of custom work and addons. Not to mention some of the addons it needs to function were not ported over to XenForo 2.

You can see images of our custom shop addon here:

This alone was a big part of the site. We allowed users to earn credits that could be used to purchase real legal games. There was a lot of custom development that went into creating that addon, some by a third-party developer, and a lot by me. That alone would require a lot of time I currently don't have or a significant amount of money.

Perhaps one day I can get the time to upgrade the site.

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